Jesus, Our Healer Today

By Bayless Conley

Video Course with Digitial Workbook and Exams

Discover the Key to Intimately Knowing God

Find out secrets that brought success as T.L. Osborn shared the Gospel message over six decades with millions of people worldwide. Faith is simple. God is real. His promises work. He cares for you. Get a fresh grasp on dynamic truths that God wants believers to enjoy. 

Best-selling author

Bayless Conley

Bayless Conley hosts Answers with Bayless Conley on television, a weekly program that airs globally with over 250,000 viewers weekly. As a recovering drug addict and alcoholic, Bayless found God through a 12-year-old Christian boy. Bayless is the founder and senior pastor of Cottonwood Church, based in Southern California, with a weekly attendance of over 9,500. His son and daughter-in-law, Harrison and Bethany Conley are lead pastors of Cottonwood Church.  



Jesus, Our Healer Today

  1. God’s Will and Healing (21:50)
  2. Healing in the Atonement (23:27)
  3. Full Salvation (23:47)
  4. Moses, the Serpent, and Healing (22:48)
  5. The Mercy of Healing (24:17)

The whole teaching has been a wonderful help and has been of great personal benefit both to myself and to my wife, Carol. It is worth a million dollars to any Christian who is serious about the issue of hearing the voice of God.

Dr. John Arnott
Founding Pastor of Catch The Fire Toronto


I have been an active Baptist pastor for thirty-seven years. As far as I am personally concerned, seminars like these are absolutely fundamental to the building up of the inner life. ‘ I highly recommend him and his ministry to you.

Rev. Peter Lord
Former Senior Pastor of Park Avenue Baptist Church

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