Marriage and the Family

Stacy Cline

Stacy Cline has served as the Dean of Students at Elim Bible Institute and College for over 25 years. A respected campus pastor and a popular teacher; his leadership has endeared him to the hearts of hundreds of students during his tenure.

Course Description

Marriage and the Family A strong, healthy marriage is an integral part of the creation and development of a Godly family. Stacy Cline thoroughly covers God’s plan for marriage from its definition and preparation to living in love, healthy communication, and sexuality.

Module 1 N1| Marriage and the Family
Session 1 N1.1| How Does God Define Marriage?
Session 2 N1.2| Revealed as We Are
Session 3 N1.3| Preparing for Marriage (Part 1)
Session 4 N1.4| Preparing for Marriage (Part 2)
Session 5 N1.5| Walking in Love (Part 1)
Session 6 N1.6| Walking in Love (Part 2)
Session 7 N1.7| The Power to Influence
Session 8 N1.8| Sexuality (Part 1)
Session 9 N1.9| Sexuality (Part 2)
Session 10 N1.10| Healthy Communication
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