Free by Divine Decree

Paul Johannson

Paul Johansson was a former missionary in East Africa and has served as president of Elim Bible Institute and College from 1994 to 2006. Paul and his wife, Gloria, co-founded the New York School of Urban Ministry, and currently minister in seminars and conferences worldwide. 

Course Description

Free by Divine Decree: A Witness to the Book of Romans takes you inside the courtroom to witness how the case for your freedom was argued and decided. The final verdict from the Supreme Judge is that “in Christ” you are righteous: not by achieving but by believing. The truth in this series will set you free – free indeed. No further appeal! Your freedom is not a feeling, it is a fact.

Module 1 N3| Free by Divine Decree
Session 1 N3.1| Introduction and Overview
Session 2 N3.2| Pretrial Arguments
Session 3 N3.3| Full Trial Arguments
Session 4 N3.4| The Gross Sinner
Session 5 N3.5| Pretrial in Favor of the Accused
Session 6 N3.6| Sanctification and Conflict
Session 7 N3.7| Law and Grace
Session 8 N3.8| Bill of Rights
Session 9 N3.9| Israel and the Sovereignty of God
Session 10 N3.10| Walking the Christian Life
Session 11 N3.11| Attitudes Toward the Government and Your Brother
Session 12 N3.12| Greetings and Conclusion
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