Victorious Christian Living

Dr. Brick Cliff

Dr. Brick Cliff is a missionary and professor. He is President of World Impact Now (WIN) Ministries. He is also President and Founder of Nation-2-Nation Christian University, a video-based ministerial school. Along with his wife, Beth, they serve as teaching pastors for Cross Church in San Benito, TX. He holds a Doctor of Ministry from Covenant Theological Seminary.

Course Description

In Victorious Christian Living, Dr. Brick Cliff teaches how to develop and mature into a strong, effective follower of Christ through victory in the many battles of life. Brick draws both from knowledge of scripture and real-life examples to create these important lessons for all believers. This six-session series helps Christians find their way through the many pitfalls of life to a place of overcoming and victory. It includes the importance of our mental mindset – looking at life from a biblical and positive point of view; renewing our love and passion for God and time in His presence; how to understand and deal with delays in our prayers being answered; the importance of prayer and praise as we work towards our goals; and practical steps to dealing with and overcoming temptation.
Module 1 N5| Victorious Christian Living
Session 1 N5.1| Overcoming Temptation (Part 1)
Session 2 N5.2| Overcoming Temptation (Part 2)
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