The Art of Leading Worship

Dick Grout

Dick Grout has been the Worship Director of Elim Bible Institute & College since 1989. He teaches worship courses and administers the music department. He has authored 13 textbooks and published several articles on worship.

Course Description

In The Art of Leading Worship, Dick Grout draws from his many years as a worship leader and teacher with Elim Bible Institute to provide an excellent beginner’s guide for the subject of worship and the worship service. Beginning with a strong foundation regarding the motivation and heart of the worship leader, Rev. Grout covers both the spiritual and the practical aspects of leading the people of God into worship.

Module 1 N6| The Art of Leading Worship
Session 1 N6.1| The Worship Leader
Session 2 N6.2| The Heart of Worship
Session 3 N6.3| The Focus of Our Worship
Session 4 N6.4| The Worship Songs
Session 5 N6.5| The Worship Team
Session 6 N6.6| The Worship Service
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