How to Create a successful Podcast (2022)

Has the lord been leading you to think about doing a podcast?

Dr. Steve Greene would like to help you with that.

After the success of creating the  Charisma Podcast Network, and the popular popular podcast, Greenelines, garnering millions of downloads, ISOM is proud to release the final recording of Dr. Steve Greene on How to Create a Podcast. In this series, you’ll learn the concepts of podcasting from an experienced podcaster, with godly wisdom and insightful training.

Filmed April 20, 2022, Kissimmee, Florida.

1 Hrs 46 min

Sales will help The STEVE GREENE LEGACY FUND (translating his materials into various langauges).

2 Lessons plus a podcast interview example.


1. Podcast the Gospel

Never before in history has any medium given us an opportunity with a very low cost to be able to spread the gospel to people all over the world, like podcasting. It’s never been easier to grow an audience than it is with a podcast.

2. Building an Audience

How do you help people find your podcast? It’s about helping people. Find that need and fill it. Learn how to distribute, clarify your message, and create a podcast promise.

3. Podcast Example

Dr. Steve Greene interviews Dr. Berin Gilfillan in this exclusive episode of Greenelines. This is a great example of what a podcast should look and sound like. Learn from one of the greats.

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Watch Dr. Steve Greene interview Dr. Berin Gilfillan for FREE!

After watching Dr. Steve Greene’s final interview, learn how to spread the Gospel across the globe, with a very low cost, by developing a podcast nework of your own.  

Dr. Steve Greene


executive vice president of Charisma Media, Dean at ORU, Marketing expert, and author

Dr. Steve Greene, former Dean of the College of Business at Oral Roberts University, marketing expert, and former publisher and executive vice president of Charisma Media,

Dr. Greene was the creator and producer of the Charisma Podcast Network, which showed incredible growth during his tenure as Executive Vice President of Charisma Media. For several years, he also hosted the popular podcast, Greenelines. The show garnered millions of downloads. 

Charisma House published Love Leads, Dr. Greene’s only book, in July 2017. 

He spent six years as the Dean of the College of Business and the Dean of Distance Learning at Oral Roberts University, where he was beloved by his students. 

As the CEO and president of Steve Greene Consulting, he developed marketing and revenue-generating plans for clients, including McDonald’s, Jiffy Lube, Stanley Steemer, St. John’s Hospital, Brandon Tourism Board, and many other local and national clients. He also conducted primary research in 83 television markets for audience measurement and target marketing.

Dr. Greene earned a DBA in marketing from the University of Memphis in 1983, an MBA in marketing from Southeastern Louisiana University in 1979, and a B.A. in marketing from Southeastern Louisiana in 1975.


John Bevere

Messenger International

My friend Dr. Steve Greene challenges readers to lead those entrusted to them with truth and love.

Steve Strang

Charisma Media founder and CEO

Dr. Steve Greene was a great man with a long list of accomplishments, including giving leadership over our Media Group for more than seven years.

Dr. Mark Rutland

Founder and Director of the National Institute of Christian Leadership and Global Servants

Dr. Steve Greene was a true professional in every sense of the word.