Trimester 1

Foundations of the Faith

By Bayless Conley

Church Ordinances


S1:E6 “Church Ordinances”

An ordinance is a prescribed practice, such as a religious rite. Jesus gave ordinances to the Church, not as rituals or rules, but as methods for helping us act out our faith. Each ordinance is a physical demonstration of spiritual grace.

In this lesson, we will be dealing with ordinances of the Church.

Trimester 1 Workbook Hard Copy


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Courses include:

  • Foundations of the Faith by Bayless Conley
  • Supernatural Living by Dr. A.L. Gill
  • New Testament Survey by Dr. John Amstutz
  • Praise and Worship by Dr. LaMar Boschman
  • Fear of the Lord by John Bevere

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