Foundations of the Faith

Bayless Conley

Bayless Conley hosts Answers with Bayless Conley on television, a weekly program that airs globally with over 250,000 viewers weekly. As a recovering drug addict and alcoholic, Bayless found God through a 12-year-old Christian boy. Bayless is the founder and senior pastor of Cottonwood Church, based in Southern California, with a weekly attendance of over 9,500. His son and daughter-in-law, Harrison and Bethany Conley, are lead pastors of Cottonwood Church.

Course Introduction

Module 1 Foundations of the Faith
Session 1 The Authority of the Bible and the Doctrine of the Trinity  
Session 2 The Deity and Mission of Jesus  
Session 3 Salvation, Heaven and Hell, and Christ’s Return  
Session 4 The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit  
Session 5 Divine Healing  
Session 6 Church Ordinances