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The Ancient Jewish Wedding

Perry Stone

The Ancient Jewish Wedding

Explore the fascinating parallels between ancient Jewish weddings and biblical prophecy, revealing God’s divine plan for His people.

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Watch, listen, and learn as Perry Stone shows you how ancient Jewish weddings reveal God’s divine plan.

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The Ancient Jewish Wedding:The Mystery of the Four Passover Cups is a revelation on the Rapture! To truly understand the concept of the rapture of the church

Join Perry Stone in an illuminating exploration of biblical prophecy and the profound symbolism of The Ancient Jewish Wedding customs in this captivating series. Discover the parallels between these customs and God’s plan for His church, gaining insights into the pre-tribulation rapture and our spiritual union with the divine. Delve into the mysteries of Jesus’ suffering, burial, and resurrection, exploring the hidden symbolism and divine patterns woven throughout history. Contemplate the prophetic implications of Jewish wedding traditions, envisioning the ultimate fulfillment of God’s promises and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb described in Revelation 19. Prepare for a captivating journey through God’s eternal covenant and the fulfillment of His promises.

What You’ll Learn

  • Understand the parallels between ancient Jewish wedding customs and biblical prophecy, particularly regarding the pre-tribulation rapture and the Second Coming of Jesus.
  • Gain insights into the intricate details of Jewish wedding traditions and their symbolic significance for God’s plan for His church.
  • Explore the hidden symbolism in Jesus’ suffering, burial, and resurrection, uncovering divine patterns and hints at future events.
  • Contemplate the prophetic implications of Jewish wedding traditions, envisioning the ultimate fulfillment of God’s promises and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb described in Revelation 19.


1. The Rapture Revelation
In Session 1, “The Rapture Revelation” with Perry Stone, you’ll uncover profound parallels between the ancient Jewish wedding customs and God’s divine plan for His church. Through an enlightening exploration led by Perry Stone, you’ll grasp the symbolic significance of the betrothal and marriage stages, echoing the journey of God’s relationship with Israel and His church. Gain a deeper understanding of biblical prophecies, particularly the pre-tribulation rapture, as revealed through the intricate details of the Jewish wedding tradition. Discover how the marriage contract between God and Israel in two stages reflects our spiritual union with the divine. Prepare to embark on a captivating journey of revelation and insight into God’s eternal covenant with His people.
2. The 14 Steps of the Ancient Jewish Wedding
In Session 2 “The 14 Steps of the Ancient Jewish Wedding,” you’ll delve into the captivating symbolism behind the final steps of the ancient Jewish wedding and their profound parallels to the Second Coming of Jesus. Unravel the intricate details of each step, from the veiling of the bride to the awaited return of the groom. Through Perry Stone’s expert guidance, you’ll uncover how these traditions foreshadow specific end-time prophecies, offering invaluable insights into God’s ultimate plan. Explore the symbolism of the chuppah, the bride’s journey, and the correlation between the seven-day wedding celebration and the tribulation period. Get ready for a transformative journey into God’s divine design for the future.
3. The Secret Ascension
In Session 3, “The Secret Ascension,” taught by Perry Stone, you’ll uncover intriguing mysteries surrounding the suffering, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. Delve into the significance of Jesus’ agonizing prayers in Gethsemane, discovering profound insights into His role as the ultimate sacrifice for humanity. Explore the depths of Jesus’ descent into the heart of the earth and His subsequent ascension, shedding light on the spiritual battles fought and won. Witness the hidden symbolism in Jesus’ resurrection attire and grasp the significance of His secret ascension, hinting at future events like the Rapture and His triumphant return. Embark on a captivating journey through biblical prophecy and uncover the divine patterns woven throughout history.
4. The Unfinished Meal
In Session 4, “The Unfinished Meal,” led by Perry Stone, explore the profound symbolism of Jewish wedding traditions and their prophetic implications. Delve into the significance of the four Passover cups, representing different aspects of redemption and foreshadowing Christ’s return. Unravel the meanings behind the cups of blessing, affliction, redemption, and consummation, discovering their ties to biblical prophecy. Journey through Revelation 19 and envision the grandeur of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Contemplate the mysteries of the secret ascension as you ponder the future redemption and fulfillment of God’s promises. Join us as we uncover ancient traditions and gain insights into our journey toward ultimate redemption.

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About the Instructor

Perry Stone

Perry Fred Stone Jr. is a fourth-generation minister, internationally recognized evangelist, and author. Emphasizing the Hebraic roots of Christianity, he stands as a multifaceted figure in the realm of evangelism, prophecy, and global outreach. 

Perry’s early spiritual journey began at the age of 16, inspired by Pentecostal minister T.L. Lowery. In 1985, Perry founded the Voice of Evangelism Outreach Ministries (VOE), housing entities like the Omega Center International Conference Center, The Ramp Church, and the International School of the Word, offering over a hundred courses online. Perry’s ministry extends to global missions, supporting feeding programs, and distributing teachings to believers and non-believers worldwide.

As an influential bestselling author, Perry has written over a hundred books, His weekly telecast, Manna-Fest with Perry Stone, exploring Biblical prophecy, debuted on Trinity Broadcasting Network in 2000. According to Neilson Ratings, his program is often listed as one of the top three programs on several Christian Networks.

 Stone attended Lee University and graduated with a B.A. in Theology from Covenant Life Christian College and Theological Seminary. 


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