Old Testament Survey

Dr. Christopher Gornold-Smith

Christopher Gornold-Smith is an English author, pastor, missionary, archaeologist, biblical scholar, Christian apologist, and television producer. He is one of the world’s foremost teachers on the Old Testament. For years he worked as an Assemblies of God missionary, served in educational media development with Global University, lectured at Elim Bible College, and worked as a producer for International Media Ministries. He is now retired.

Course Introduction

Module 1 Old Testament Survey
Session 1 Approaching the Old Testament  
Session 2 The Order of Books and Creation  
Session 3 The Image of God and the Fall  
Session 4 Babel and Abraham: The Concepts of Covenant  
Session 5 Abraham, Israel, Joseph, & Moses  
Session 6 The Tabernacle Worship  
Session 7 Joshua, Judges, and Ruth  
Session 8 The Kings, David, Psalms, and Hebrew Poetry  
Session 9 Wisdom Literature, Division, and Exile  
Session 10 Babylonian Captivity, Return from Exile and the Prophets