Leader’s Integrity

Dr. Jack Hayford

Leader’s Integrity

Embrace integrity for success as a leader.

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Course Preview

Leader’s Integrity

Brad Andrews sits down with Dr. Berin Gilfillan to discuss leadership.

Course Overview

In this insightful course led by Jack Hayford, participants will delve into fundamental aspects of governance, centering on the critical theme of integrity. Through biblical teachings and practical insights, the course explores the significance of uprightness and forgiveness, crucial qualities for effective authority.

Course Description

Jack Hayford’s course focuses on cultivating administrative qualities anchored in biblical principles. The initial session illuminates the core of a leader’s honesty, drawing lessons from Genesis 20:1-6 and emphasizing honesty, truthfulness, and trust. The subsequent session shifts the spotlight to the vital aspect of a leader’s heart, particularly exploring the spirit of forgiveness using the parable in Matthew 18:21-35. Participants will gain profound insights into these foundational aspects that shape enduring and impactful authority.

What You’ll Learn

  • Explore Genesis 20:1-6 to understand the Law of First Usage.
  • Recognize the importance of honesty, truthfulness, and trust in authority.
  • Contrast the consequences of violating honesty with a pagan king’s response of uprightness.
  • Uncover God’s response to ignorance and the role of leaders walking in understanding.
  • Examine Psalm 25:20-21, emphasizing the dynamic nature of honor and resisting rationalization.
  • Conclude with a call for dynamic obedience, using David as a model, and a warning against deviation symbolized by Thummim.
  • Analyze the story of the unforgiving servant in Matthew 18:21-35.
  • Highlight the significance of releasing others as a reflection of received forgiveness.
  • Understand the consequences of failing to embrace forgiveness in headship.
  • Explore how compassion and forgiveness contribute to effective ministry.
  • Apply biblical principles to cultivate a spirit of forgiveness in administration.

Who Should Take This Course

This course is tailored for individuals aspiring to administrative roles within a biblical context. Pastors, ministry leaders, and those seeking to enhance their supervision skills will benefit from the profound insights shared by Jack Hayford. The course is designed for anyone committed to embodying nobility and forgiveness in their leadership journey.


1. Integrity of Heart
In Jack Hayford’s first session, he emphasizes a leader’s honesty using Genesis 20:1-6. Exploring the Law of First Usage, he highlights honesty, truthfulness, and trust as crucial. Contrasting a man violating honesty with a pagan king responding with honor, the session underscores God’s response to ignorance and leaders walking in understanding. Psalm 25:20-21 delves into the dynamic nature of uprightness, resisting rationalization. The conclusion calls for dynamic obedience, citing David as a model, and warning against deviation, symbolized by Thummim. This underscores the enduring importance of a leader maintaining honesty for lasting impact.

2. A Forgiving Spirit
The session emphasizes the importance of uprightness of heart in leaders, specifically focusing on the spirit of forgiveness. It explores the story of the unforgiving servant in Matthew 18:21-35, highlighting the significance of releasing others as we have been forgiven. Failure to embrace forgiveness leads to self-inflicted penalties and hinders ministry. Leaders are urged to show compassion and forgiveness to others as God has shown to them.

Trimester 3



No. of Sessions

2 Sessions

Running Time

58 min


June 7, 1996

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About the Instructor

Dr. Jack Hayford

Jack Williams Hayford was a highly esteemed American author, songwriter, and Pentecostal minister, renowned for his profound impact on the Christian community.

Born in Los Angeles to Anita Dolores and Jack Hayford, he overcame a childhood muscular condition, attributing his Christian upbringing to his parents, who, despite not consistently regularly attending church, instilled in him a strong faith. Hayford’s mother, Dolores, was a Bible teacher who spoke at interdenominational women’s classes and Women’s Aglow Fellowship (now Aglow International).

Educated at Life Pacific University (formerly L.I.F.E. Bible College) and Azusa Pacific University, Hayford served as National Youth Director of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. In 1969, he took on the role of pastor at the struggling First Foursquare Church in Van Nuys, California, later transforming it into The Church on the Way, a pioneering megachurch within the Foursquare denomination.

Hayford’s impactful career extended beyond the pulpit. He played a key role in the Promise Keepers movement, authored over 50 books, and composed over 600 hymns and choruses, notably the popular 1978 hymn “Majesty.” His contributions earned him recognition, including a Doctor of Divinity from Life Pacific University Oral Roberts University. He was awarded a Doctor of Literature from California Graduate School of Theology.

In the late 1990s, sensing a calling, Hayford founded The King’s College and Seminary, later relocating it to Southlake, Texas. Despite briefly returning to The Church On The Way after his son-in-law’s sudden death (Scott Bauer), he remained focused on his seminary and declined further pursuit of the presidency in the Foursquare denomination.

In 2015, The Church On The Way, led by senior pastor Tim Clark, honored Hayford with the title of Pastor Emeritus in recognition of his continuing contributions to church management and oversight.

Hayford’s personal life was marked by a 63-year marriage to Anna Marie Smith, producing four children. Following Anna’s passing in 2017, he found love again with Valerie Lemire, marrying in 2018. He discontinued making public appearances in 2019.

Jack Hayford went to be with the Lord on January 8, 2023, at the age of 88. He left a lasting legacy as a bridge-builder and advocate for unity across denominational and racial boundaries, with a heart devoted to the proclamation of truth and the active presence of the Holy Spirit in the contemporary church.


A student at L.I.F.E. Bible College, Jack twice senses God speaking to him. The first occurs after Jack answers an altar call, telling God he will go wherever the Lord wants. God replies that He didn’t call him to be a missionary, but that Jack could never be a pastor until he surrendered to being anything the Lord wanted. Then, as Jack plays in the school orchestra at graduation ceremonies, he hears a voice saying, “You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you that you should go and bring forth fruit.”

Anna Marie Smith

After an 18-month-long engagement, on July 4 Jack marries Anna Smith, whom he met in the fall of 1952 after returning to L.I.F.E. for his sophomore year. The couple will ultimately have four children, 11 grandchildren and multiple great-grandchildren. He calls Anna “the fountainhead of his life” and—along with the upbringing his parents provided—the secret of his success. “Anna and Jesus are the story of my life, in reverse order,” Jack once said. After nearly 63 years of marriage, Anna dies in March 2017.

Early Pastorate

After serving a five-year pastorate in Fort Wayne, IN, Jack Hayford returns to California to serve as The Foursquare Church’s national youth director, and then as dean of students at L.I.F.E.

Church on the Way

Jack Hayford accepts a “temporary” appointment at the small First Foursquare Church of Van Nuys, Calif. Two years later, the pastor reports seeing “God’s glory” in the sanctuary. That marks the start of mushrooming growth that propels The Church on the Way to more than 12,000 members. It will later launch a second campus after acquiring the property of First Baptist Church of Van Nuys.


Jack Hayford writes “Majesty,” one of more than 500 hymns and choruses he pens during his career. Rated one of the top 100 contemporary Christian songs, it is sung in churches worldwide. The inspiration for it comes as he and Anna vacation in Great Britain, including Wales and Scotland. While visiting many of the castles there, he senses the influence one might feel if raised in such a regal setting. The opening lyrics and melody come to him while on a drive one day, and he asks Anna to jot them down in a notebook. However, he won’t complete the song until returning home.


On June 20 of the same year he writes “Majesty,” Jack Hayford starts a series on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) called Teach Us to Pray, which continues until 1980. In 1979 he tapes Ask Anything, a series that includes his teachings on Nehemiah. These 30-minute programs launch his broadcast ministry. In 1987, Jack Hayford Ministries creates a one-hour TV program featuring sermons from The Church on the Way. It is renamed Living Way in 1991 and airs on more than 500 stations until 2002. In 2002, Pastor Jack launches a new program, Spirit Formed, which can still be seen on his ministry’s website.

Life Pacific University

Jack Hayford was the dean of students and later served as the fourth president (1977- 1982) of Life Pacific University. During that time, Life achieved ABHE accreditation (1980). Life Pacific University is a nationally ranked WSCUC and ABHE accredited evangelical biblical university endorsed by the Foursquare Church. It is located in Southern California with an extension campus in Christiansburg, Virginia.


Jack Hayford launches his radio ministry in October as a half-hour program that airs Monday through Friday. Originally titled FreeWay, it is later renamed Living Way Radio. Though designed as a ministry to members of The Church on the Way, Pastor Jack’s teaching prompts requests from radio stations worldwide to carry it. These original episodes are now available for download on the Living Way With Jack Hayford podcast. Jack Hayford Ministries is a member of National Religious Broadcasters (NRB).


Jack Hayford appears on the cover of Charisma magazine in 1993, noting he is one many leaders reshaping the Foursquare movement. Christianity Today would later put him on their cover in 2005 with the headline “Jack Hayford: The Pentecostal Gold Standard.”

King’s College and Seminary

While returning home from speaking at a Promise Keepers pastors conference, Jack Hayford senses God directing him to establish a Spirit-filled college and seminary to equip men and women for effective leadership in the church and community. The following year, The King’s College and Seminary opens with Jack Hayford as president. For years it will be the only accredited Pentecostal/charismatic seminary on the West Coast. The school later relocates its headquarters to Gateway Church in the Dallas area, but he continues to serve as chancellor until the fall of 2017, when he receives the title of chancellor emeritus.


Retired from the pulpit, Jack Hayford, initially hesitant, accepts Foursquare’s presidency, ushering in a transformative single term. He introduces financial transparency, revamps the national leadership team, and oversees the 2005 conversion of L.I.F.E. Bible College East into CrossPointe Conference Center. In 2009, Foursquare districts in the U.S. decrease from 70 to 14. Notably, his tenure witnesses the establishment of the Foursquare Foundation, funded by the $250 million sale of KSFG radio station. With a $200 million corpus, the Foundation focuses on interdenominational evangelism and global outreach. In 2018, a bylaw transforms it into the Foursquare Endowment Fund.

Valerie Lemire

Jack Hayford remarries, to Valarie Anne Lemire, at one time a personal assistant to Jack’s mother, Delores “Mama” Hayford. The marriage adds a stepdaughter and two grandchildren to Jack’s extended family, and continues until his death. In his final years of retirement, Jack and Valarie loved going on walks, reading, going to movies, watching sports, and visiting family and friends.

William Booth Award-Winner

Jack Hayford won the Salvation Army’s William Booth Award, as well as serving as Worship Leader on the Men In Worship album. 

Dove Award-Winner

In 1994, Jack Hayford won the Gospel Music Association’s Dove Award for his part in the album God With Us, by Don Moen. 

NRB Hall of Fame Award

In March 2014, Hayford was inducted into the National Religious Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Other members include Aimee Semple McPherson,  James Dobson, Pat Robertson, and Billy Graham. 


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