Living by Faith

Dr. Bill Winston

Dr. Bill Winston

Unlock the tangible force enabling believers to access God’s promises

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Watch, listen, and learn as Bill Winston shows you how to unlock the tangible force enabling believers to access God’s promises and live victoriously.

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Course Preview

Living by Faith

Brad Andrews sits down with Dr. Berin Gilfillan to discuss how the just shall live by faith.

Course Overview

Explore the foundational principles of faith in this dynamic Bible school course. Through engaging sessions led by Bill Winston, you’ll delve into the God-kind of faith, distinguish between dominating and creative faith, and discover how to apply faith in your daily life. The course is designed to impart a faith-centric lifestyle, emphasizing the importance of faith in pleasing God, accessing promises, and living as victorious believers.

Course Description

This course, led by Bill Winston, unveils the essence of the God-kind of faith. Drawing from personal experiences in building a thriving church, Winston shares insights into supernatural faith, distinguishing between dominating and creative aspects. You’ll understand faith as substance, evidenced through confidence and action. It xplores the necessity of faith, Christians’ new identity, and its growth potential. The session delves into the link between faith and salvation using Abraham as an example. Discover the inheritance secured by faith—victory, peace, forgiveness—and explore faith’s role in healing. The course concludes by likening faith to a powerful tool, enabling believers to manifest unseen promises.

What You’ll Learn

  • The nature of the God-kind of faith through personal anecdotes.
  • Distinctions between dominating and creative faith.
  • The daily use and growth of faith as a master key.
  • Faith as substance, evidenced through confidence and action.
  • The importance of faith in pleasing God and accessing promises.
  • The link between faith, salvation, and a Christian’s new identity.
  • The inheritance secured by faith—victory, peace, and forgiveness.
  • The role of faith in healing and receiving God’s promises.
  • Understanding faith’s progression, its role as a servant, and identifying enemies (doubt, unbelief).
  • Applying faith in real-life situations for a faith-centric lifestyle.

Who Should Take This Course

This course is ideal for believers seeking to deepen their understanding and practice of faith. Whether you’re new to Christianity or a seasoned believer, if you desire to live a victorious, faith-filled life, this course will equip you with practical insights and tools. It’s suitable for individuals eager to apply faith in their daily challenges and cultivate a strong foundation in the God-kind of faith.


1. The God Kind of Faith: The Master Key

Bill Winston imparts the God-kind of faith through personal anecdotes of building a thriving Chicago church. Emphasizing supernatural faith, he distinguishes between dominating and creative faith, stressing the daily use and growth of faith as a master key. Faith, crucial for pleasing God and accessing promises, is defined as substance and evidenced through confidence and action. The lesson concludes with a practical story of applying faith in finding employment, underscoring the aim to instill a faith-centric lifestyle in believers.

2. Faith and the Word of God

The session delves into living by faith, emphasizing its importance for believers. Session 2 highlights key points, including faith’s necessity, Christians’ new identity, and its capacity to grow. The focus then shifts to Abraham as the father of faith, illustrating the link between faith and salvation. The inheritance of a Christian, secured by faith, covers victory, peace, and forgiveness. The session also explores healing, emphasizing the role of faith in receiving God’s promises. Faith’s progression, role as a servant, and enemies (doubt, unbelief) are discussed. The session concludes by likening faith to a radio, enabling believers to manifest unseen promises in God’s kingdom.

Trimester 2



No. of Sessions

2 Sessions

Running Time

1 hrs 3 min


May 1999

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About the Instructor

Living by Faith
Dr. Bill Winston

Dr. Bill Winston is an American televangelist, preacher, author, and entrepreneur. He is the founder and Senior Pastor of Living Word Christian Center, a non-denominational church in Forest Park, Illinois, with over 22,000 members.

Dr. Winston, a Tuskegee, Alabama native, draws inspiration for leadership from the influential educators, scientists, and physicians of his youth, as well as the historic Tuskegee Airmen, his role models. A Tuskegee Institute graduate, he imbibed the legacies of Booker T. Washington and George Washington Carver.

A former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot, Dr. Winston earned The Distinguished Flying Cross, The Air Medal, and the Squadron Top Gun Award. Transitioning to IBM, he excelled in marketing, rising to regional manager before leaving in 1985 to pursue full-time ministry.

As founder and senior pastor of Living Word Christian Center, Dr. Winston oversees diverse ministries. He also founded the nationally accredited Joseph Business School, impacting six continents with practical and biblical entrepreneurial teachings. Bill Winston Ministries, his global outreach, includes the Believer’s Walk of Faith program reaching over 800 million households.

Winston has written, authored, and self-published over 15 motivational Christian and Business books, including Transform Your Thinking, Transform Your Life, Law of Confession, Power of the Tongue, and Divine Favor.

Dr. Winston, honored with an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters.


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