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Miracle Living

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Supernatural Children's Ministry

Apostolic Prophetic


Module 1 The New Apostolic Reformation
Session 1 Our Dominion Mandate (Part 1)  
Session 2 Our Dominion Mandate (Part 2)  
Session 3 Apostles Today (Part 1)  
Session 4 Apostles Today (Part 2)  
Session 5 Apostles Today (Part 3) and Apostolic Alignment (Part 1)  
Session 6 Apostolic Alignment (Part 2)  
Session 7 Doing the Works of Jesus (Part 1)  
Session 8 Doing the Works of Jesus (Part 2)  
Session 9 The New Apostolic Reformation Exam  
Module 1 The Seer
Session 1 Seer and Prophet: Two Prophetic Streams  
Session 2 Dimensions of the Prophetic Anointing  
Session 3 Vision: The Power That Sustains  
Session 4 The Diversity of Visionary States  
Session 5 Wisely Judging Revelatory Encounters  
Session 6 Discerning of Spirits  
Session 7 Dream Language  
Session 8 Levels of Supernatural Visions  
Session 9 The Ecstatic Realms of the Spirit  
Session 10 Standing in the Council of God  
Session 11 Hidden Streams of the Prophetic  
Session 12 The Key of Intimacy to Open Heavens  
Session 13 Appendix A: How to Test Whether an Image is From Self, Satan, or God  
Session 14 Appendix B: Wisdom Issues During Times of Refreshing  
Session 15 Appendix C: Interpreting Symbols  
Session 16 The Seer Exam  
Module 1 The Discerner
Session 1 Surrendering Your Senses to the Holy Spirit  
Session 2 Seeing: You Have More than One Set of Eyes  
Session 3 Hearing: Whatever He Hears, He Will Speak  
Session 4 Feeling: From the Heart Flows the Issues of Life  
Session 5 Tasting, Smelling and Other Leadings  
Session 6 Knowing: The Sixth Sense  
Session 7 Testing the Spirits: Don’t Believe Every Spirit!  
Session 8 The Spirit of Deception: Seductive and Manipulative  
Session 9 Exposing Demonic Influences: Setting the Captives Free  
Session 10 Staying Out of Satan’s Traps: Wisdom to Avoid Common Pitfalls  
Session 11 Creating a Culture of Faith: Ingredients for a Safe House  
Session 12 Revelation’s Ultimate Purpose: When the Word Becomes Flesh  
Session 13 The Discerner Exam  
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