Power Evangelism

Dr. Reinhard Bonnke

Power Evangelism

Ignite evangelism with the Holy Spirit’s transformative power.

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Watch, listen, and learn as Reinhard Bonnke shows you how to ignite evangelism with the Holy Spirit’s transformative power.

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Course Preview

Power Evangelism

Brad Andrews sits down with Dr. Berin Gilfillan to discuss how to become a fire-brand evangelist.

Course Overview

Embark on a journey through the foundational aspects of world evangelism, exploring the transformative power of the Holy Spirit. Delve into the disciples’ evolution, the Great Commission’s conferral, and the empowering Pentecost. Uncover the Gospel’s profound impact on salvation, positivity, freedom, health, and Calvary’s objectives. Sessions will emphasize the dynamic interplay between faith, obedience, and the Holy Spirit’s power in fulfilling divine plans.

Course Description

This course illuminates the heart of world evangelism, tracing the disciples’ transformation and the empowerment of believers through the Holy Spirit. The curriculum explores key passages, such as Mark 16, Acts 2:17, Isaiah’s heavenly vision, and Judges 15:4-5, unveiling the strategic connection between integrity, faith, and the Holy Spirit’s influence. Participants will discern their pivotal role in the Great Commission, emphasizing individual anointings and a shared legacy for impactful Gospel dissemination.

What You’ll Learn

  • Understand the disciples’ transformation and the empowering Pentecost.
  • Grasp the dynamic interplay between faith, obedience, and the Holy Spirit’s power.
  • Explore the connection between integrity, faith, and the Holy Spirit’s influence.
  • Discern the responsibility and dimensions of the Great Commission.
  • Emphasize the unique individual anointings and their role in Gospel dissemination.

Who Should Take This Course

  • Aspiring evangelists seeking a foundational understanding of world evangelism.
  • Believers desiring to explore the transformative impact of the Holy Spirit.
  • Individuals interested in discerning their role in fulfilling the Great Commission.
  • Those seeking a deeper understanding of the strategic connection between integrity, faith, and the Holy Spirit’s influence.
  • Anyone committed to embracing their individual anointing for impactful Gospel dissemination.


1. Fire-Brand Evangelists

Embark on a transformative journey as we explore the heart of world evangelism in this inaugural session. Witness the disciples’ evolution from skeptics to passionate preachers, ignited by the Holy Spirit’s flame. Mark 16 unfolds key moments, from initial doubt to the conferral of the Great Commission and the empowering Pentecost. Shifting from passive waiting to dynamic action, believers become portable powerhouses for global evangelism, embodying the Holy Spirit’s fervent flame. Mark 16:15 and 20 outline the Gospel’s profound impact—salvation, positivity, freedom, health, and the realization of Calvary’s objectives. This session encourages you to boldly step forth, empowered by the Holy Spirit, embracing the privilege and determination to preach the Gospel with signs following.

2. The Power of the Holy Spirit
Dive into the transformative impact of the Holy Spirit in winning our generation for Jesus Christ. Grounded in the promise of Acts 2:17, explore your pivotal role in God’s plan to save the world. Emphasize the Gospel’s potent ability to break Satan’s chains. Unpack the mustard seed parable, illustrating faith’s growth and its role in overcoming unbelief. Participants will grasp their role as channels, drawing power from Calvary and the Resurrection. Stress the importance of staying plugged into God’s eternal purpose. In essence, this session underscores the dynamic interplay between faith, obedience, and the Holy Spirit’s power in fulfilling divine plans.

3. Integrity and the Holy Spirit

Session 3: “Integrity and the Holy Spirit” emphasizes the indispensable connection between integrity and receiving the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Drawing inspiration from Isaiah’s heavenly vision, participants delve into the significance of humility, purity, and worship exemplified by the seraphim. With a focus on perfect service from both celestial and human perspectives, the session highlights the need for servants of God to consistently point to Jesus, embracing humility and maintaining purity in their lives. The teachings further explore the earthly example of Samuel, emphasizing the importance of God’s endorsement over human approval. The session concludes by underscoring the cleansing power of Jesus’ blood and the Holy Spirit’s role in preserving the purity of the Gospel. 

4. The Magnitude of the Great Commission

Session 4: “The Magnitude of the Great Commission” underscores the profound responsibility of spreading the Gospel globally. Rooted in Mark 16:15, the lesson explores the vast dimensions of this divine charge, drawing parallels with Joshua 1:4 to understand the expansiveness of God’s promise. It discerns between minimum and maximum Christians, urging hungry seekers who push God’s promises to their limits. Participants envision a world saturated with the knowledge of the Lord’s glory, akin to water covering the sea. The session emphasizes the unyielding might of God, urging believers to operate in the full sunlight of His power, unswayed by circumstances, and actively engage in the Great Commission’s centrifugal movement to reach the lost. 

5. Fire of the Holy Spirit

This session emphasizes the primacy of salvation’s cleansing power, symbolized by the blood, preceding the Holy Spirit’s transformative fire. Drawing from Mark 16:15 and Matthew 3:11, it explores the inseparable connection between the Gospel and the Holy Spirit’s influence. Examining Judges 15:4-5 and Luke 12:49, the lesson illustrates the strategic use of divine authority for impactful change. Acts 1:8 clarifies the fire’s purpose, highlighting its dynamic power for widespread Gospel dissemination and lasting Kingdom impact. The session concludes by stressing the uniqueness of individual anointings, coupled with a shared legacy, urging the continuous transmission of the original power of the Holy Spirit’s fire. 

Trimester 3



No. of Sessions

5 Sessions

Running Time

2 hrs 31 min


March 9-10, 1995

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About the Instructor

Dr. Reinhard Bonnke

Reinhard Bonnke was a German-American evangelist and author renowned for his impactful Gospel Crusades across Africa. Born in Königsberg, East Prussia, to a pastor’s family, Bonnke dedicated his life to Christ at the age of nine, sensing a call to the African mission field.

After studying at the Bible College of Wales in Swansea, Bonnke was ordained in Germany and, with his wife Anni, embarked on missionary work in Lesotho in 1967. In 1974, following a recurring dream about a “blood-washed Africa,” he founded Christ for All Nations (CfaN), an organization committed to evangelism and discipleship.

Bonnke’s ministry began in small tents accommodating 800 people, eventually leading to the construction of the world’s largest mobile structure in 1984—a tent seating 34,000. As attendance grew, open-air Gospel Campaigns drew crowds exceeding 150,000, with the Millennium Crusade in Lagos, 2000, recording over 1.6 million attendees.

In 1986, Bonnke initiated the Fire Conference in Harare, Zimbabwe, a global event equipping church leaders for evangelism. More than 4,000 delegates from 41 different African countries took part in the week-long event. CfaN, under his visionary leadership, distributed over 185 million booklets.

What God was doing in Africa gave CfaN the faith to believe God for a spiritual renewal of Europe. The first “Euro-Fire” took place in Frankfurt in 1987 and then a year later in Birmingham, England, and in Lisbon, Portugal in 1990. Since then, there have been dozens of conferences that have blessed countless Christians. The main aim is to motivate Christians for evangelism.

In 1992, God gave Reinhard Bonnke the vision to start reaching other parts of the world with the Gospel. That was the start of From Minus to Plus, a missionary booklet that was delivered by post to every home in the western world. Globally, over 95.5 million were printed and distributed. The follow-up booklet Now That You Are Saved, has been printed over 93.4 million times, in 103 languages across 55 countries.

Passionate about reaching the lost, Bonnke developed the “Full Flame Film Series,” eight inspirational films promoting Holy Spirit evangelism, available in multiple languages online. Over 50 years, CfaN expanded globally, aligning with Bonnke’s call to soul-winning.

Bonnke’s dedication to the Gospel persisted until his death in 2019. His ministry saw an estimated 79 million conversions to Christianity, earning him the title of a “giant and a general in the Army of God.”

In 1991, Bonnke faced persecution during a visit to Kano, Nigeria, resulting in riots and visa denials. However, in 2000, following political changes, he returned to Nigeria, conducting numerous crusades.

At his farewell crusade in Lagos, Nigeria in 2017, Reinhard Bonnke officially and publicly appointed Daniel Kolenda as his successor. Daniel had been serving as President and CEO of Christ for all Nations since 2008.

Bonnke wrote a number of books including: Even GreaterEvangelism by FireFaith – the link with God’s PowerHell Empty Heaven Full, Raised from the Dead, Taking Action, and Time is Running Out.

Personally, Bonnke married Anni in 1964, and they had three children—Kai-Uwe, Gabriele, and Susanne, along with eight grandchildren. His autobiography, Living a Life of Fire, reflects on his journey from childhood in war-torn Germany to becoming a pivotal figure in African evangelism.

Reinhard Bonnke’s legacy echoes through his impactful ministry, and his rallying cry, “Africa shall be saved!” continues to resonate globally. He went to be with the Lord on December 7, 2019

CfaN founded Dec 6, 1974

After he gave up his position as a “classic” missionary with a missions organization, for which he had worked since 1968, Reinhard Bonnke moved to Johannesburg to focus completely on evangelism. Christ for all Nations was founded on December 6, 1974 in Witfield, a suburb of Johannesburg in South Africa.

A call from God to the mission field in Africa

Reinhard Bonnke, son of a pastor from Schleswig-Holstein, gave his life to Jesus at the age of 9 and received a call from God to the mission field in Africa shortly thereafter. After attending a theological seminary in Great Britain, he was ordained. He ministered for 7 years as the pastor of a church in North Germany before his mission work in the tiny mountainous land of Lesotho began.

Outreaches in a tent

After the founding of CfaN in 1974, Reinhard Bonnke began to hold outreaches in a tent that could accommodate about 800 people. When the number of visitors grew too large, another tent had to be bought, which could hold 10,000. That soon became too small, too.

The Yellow Tent

Events moved rapidly after this as the Yellow Tent seating ten thousand people was built and the results of the ministry began to grow. Follow-up teams were formed to help usher the new converts into the local churches and preparation teams began to travel in advance of the ministry team to prepare the ground for harvest.

“Biggest Tent in the World”

In 1984, CfaN started building the “biggest tent in the world” with 34,000 seats. Large enough to completely cover three football fields, with masts that rose as high as a six-story building, the “Big Tent” was a giant in every respect. It stood like a gigantic combine harvester, ready to move out into the ripe harvest fields of Africa. According to the Guinness Book of Records, it was the “largest mobile structure in the world”. But even that proved too small for the ever-increasing crowds of people coming: “The day of the sickle is over. The day of the combine harvester has begun!” Since 1986, all CfaN evangelistic campaigns are open-air events.

First CfaN Fire Conference

In 1986 in Harare, Zimbabwe. More than 4,000 delegates from 41 different African countries took part in the week-long event.

First Euro-Fire Conference

What God was doing in Africa gave CfaN the faith to believe God for a spiritual renewal of Europe. The first “Euro-Fire” took place in Frankfurt in 1987.

From Minus to Plus

In 1992, God gave Reinhard Bonnke the vision to start reaching other parts of the world with the Gospel. That was the start of “From Minus to Plus”, a missionary booklet that was delivered by post to every home in the western world. Globally, over 95.5 million were printed and distributed.

Follow-Up Booklet

So far, the follow-up booklet Now That You Are Saved has been printed over 93.4 million times, in around 50 languages. It is used in every CfaN campaign and explains the important first steps after conversion.

1.6 Million Gathered on the Gian Field

The “Millennium Campaign” in Lagos in 2000 was attended by 6 million people in total. For the final meeting on 12 November, 1.6 million people gathered on the giant field. That was the highest number of visitors at one meeting in CfaN’s history.

Millennium Campaign

During the 6-day “Millennium Campaign” in Lagos in 2000, a total of 3.9 million “Now that you are saved” booklets were given to new converts and 3.4 million signed decision cards were returned from those choosing to start a new life in Jesus.

Biggest Fire Conference

The biggest Fire Conference took place in November 2009 in Ibadan, Nigeria. Around 110,000 pastors, evangelists and church workers took part. In November 2000, in the national stadium in Lagos, CfaN counted 80,000 spiritual leaders and church volunteers at the second-biggest Fire Conference.

Second-Largest CfaN Campaign

The second-largest CfaN campaign (up until now) took place in Ibadan, Nigeria, in November 2001 with a total of 3.9 million visitors over the 5 days. 1.3 million people attended the final evening meeting, and there were 2,650,190 decision cards counted.

210,000 in the Islamic nation of Sudan

At the end of April 2000, Reinhard Bonnke preached to an audience of 210,000 in the Islamic nation of Sudan on the centrally situated “Green Square” in Khartoum, the capital city. During the 6-day evangelistic campaign, more than 130,000 people, most of them Muslims, made the decision to follow Jesus.

25 Years of Ministry

Exactly 25 years after the founding of the ministry (06.12.1974), 2.1 million visited our evangelistic campaign in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, from 6 – 12 December 1999. And more than 1.1 million people accepted Jesus as their personal Savior. What an outstanding jubilee!

Passing the Torch

At his farewell crusade in Lagos, Nigeria in 2017, Reinhard Bonnke officially and publicly appointed Daniel Kolenda as his successor. Daniel had been serving as President and CEO of Christ for all Nations since 2008.

Africa Shall be Saved!

Since it’s inception, CfaN continues to conduct campaigns in Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo-Kinshasa, Congo-Brazzaville, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Africa, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, Zaire, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.


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