Dynamic Preaching

Dr. Brick Cliff

Dr. Brick Cliff is a missionary and professor. He is President of World Impact Now (WIN) Ministries. He is also President and Founder of Nation-2-Nation Christian University, a video-based ministerial school. Along with his wife, Beth, they serve as teaching pastors for Cross Church in San Benito, TX. He holds a Doctor of Ministry from Covenant Theological Seminary.

Course Introduction

Learn how to preach with dynamism. This series will provide you with the tools to teach and preach the burning truth of God into people’s hearts.
Module 1 Dynamic Preaching
Session 1 Preaching and Teaching
Session 2 Characteristics of a Godly Pastor
Session 3 Illustrations and Sermon Topics
Session 4 Organizing and Writing a Dynamic Sermon
Session 5 Altar Calls and Outlines
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