The New Apostolic Reformation 

Dr. Peter Wagner

The Seer

Course Overview

The New Apostolic Reformation is an enlightening journey that will help you discover the profound impact of the Kingdom of God in your life and the lives of those around you. In this course, we will delve into the teachings of Jesus, which resonate deeply with the concept of the Kingdom of God. Jesus not only preached its significance but also dispatched His disciples to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom. Acclaimed former Fuller Theological Seminary professor, Dr. C. Peter Wagner, will guide you through the intricacies of this transformative message.

Course Description:

Discover the transformative power of aligning with God’s Kingdom in the The New Apostolic Reformation course. Join us on a spiritual journey that will empower and equip you to make a lasting impact on your life, ministry, and the world.

What You’ll Learn

  • The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR)
  • Dominion theology (also known as the Dominion Mandate or dominionism)
  • Apostolic governance
  • The office of the prophet
  • Aligning with God’s will and exercising dominion.
  • Understanding the Kingdom of God’s teachings and relevance.
  • The role of apostles and apostolic alignment.
  • Acquiring divine power and fulfilling your unique role.
  • Making disciples of nations and spreading the Gospel.
  • Unlocking your full potential and fulfilling your destiny.
  • Practical steps for doing the works of Jesus.
  • Navigating your path of purpose and destiny.

Who Should Take This Course:

  • Christian believers, leaders, and influencers
  • Those seeking a deeper understanding of the Kingdom of God
  • Students of Dr. C. Peter Wagner
  • Individuals interested in apostolic leadership
  • Aspiring disciples and those looking for personal transformation
  • Theologically curious individuals

This course is designed to empower and inspire individuals interested in growing spiritually, exploring theology, and making a positive impact within Christian communities and beyond.


1. Our Dominion Mandate (Part 1)

In this session, Dr. Charles Peter Wagner’s four-decade ministry career is briefly outlined, and it is mentioned that he will lay the theological groundwork for understanding The New Apostolic Reformation in the next eight sessions. He also introduces the concept of the Dominion Mandate, which emphasizes the preaching of the Kingdom of God and its transformative impact on individuals and society.

2. Our Dominion Mandate (Part 2)

This session explores the Dominion Mandate, emphasizing how Jesus, as the Second Adam, reversed history and the role of believers in reestablishing God’s kingdom on Earth. It also discusses the New Apostolic Age, focusing on the spiritual and natural fronts to regain dominion over various aspects of society.

3. Apostles Today (Part 1)

This session underscores the significance of comprehending the role of apostles in the church’s government for progress. It also highlights the historical deviation from this model and the emergence of the New Apostolic Reformation, emphasizing the delegation of spiritual authority to individuals, challenging traditional denominational structures.

4. Apostles Today (Part 2)

This session discusses the role and characteristics of apostles in the context of the Church of Jesus Christ. It outlines what apostles do, where they derive their authority, and the importance of their followers, emphasizing the need for extraordinary character and divine calling in apostolic leadership.

5. Apostles Today (Part 3) and Apostolic Alignment (Part 1)

This session discusses the continuation of discussions on the role of apostles today, their authority, and limitations, focusing on various apostolic spheres. It also delves into the concept of Apostolic Alignment, emphasizing its biblical basis and historical examples of alignment for fulfilling God’s purposes.

6. Apostolic Alignment (Part 2)

This session discusses the importance of apostolic alignment and its various forms, such as vertical, horizontal, functional, and territorial networks. It highlights the benefits of apostolic alignment, including the flow of apostolic anointing and the fulfillment of one’s destiny, emphasizing the need for divine alignment if not already in place.

7. Doing the Works of Jesus (Part 1)

This session discusses the challenge of how ordinary individuals can carry out the works of Jesus and suggests that they can do so by accessing the same power source, the Holy Spirit, as Jesus did during His earthly ministry. It also touches on the two natures of Jesus, with a focus on His divine and human aspects and how He temporarily suspended the use of His divine attributes during His earthly life to take on His human nature.

8. Doing the Works of Jesus (Part 2)

This session discusses the power and purpose granted by God to reconcile the world to Himself and fulfill His mandates, emphasizing that believers have access to the same power that Jesus had through the Holy Spirit. It delves into the nature of Jesus, His dependence on the Father, and the requirement for believers to be filled with the Holy Spirit in order to carry out the works Jesus did and implement the Apostolic Reformation and Dominion Mandate.

Apstolic-Prophetic Module

The New Apostolic Reformation

The Seer

The Discerner



8 Sessions

4 hrs 34 min

About the Instructor

James W. Goll

Dr. Charles Peter Wagner (August 15, 1930–October 21, 2016) was a field missionary in Bolivia, a theologian, missiologist, and teacher serving as Professor of Church Growth at the Fuller Theological Seminary’s School of World Missions, a prolific writer of over 80 books, the founding president of Global Harvest Ministries, the founder and chancellor emeritus of Wagner Leadership Institute (now Wagner University), and the founder of several other organizations. He was known as a key leader of the Church Growth Movement, for his writings on spiritual warfare, a key leader in the New Apostolic Reformation, and for his writings on Dominion Theology.