Trimester 1


Trimester 1 consists of five courses of instruction. Each course is tailored for laying a strong biblical foundation of faith, doctrine, practical, and spirit disciplines. This trimester is designed to share each student’s walk to stand firmly on a strong foundation of faith. Designed for church members who want to perform their Christian service, and desire additional training. Topics include Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Trinity, laying on of hands, baptism, the Lord’s supper, the New Testament, Praise and Worship, and more. 

5 Courses

32 Sessions

13 hours

Foundations of the Faith

Bayless Conley


6 Sessions

2 hrs 28 min

The purpose of Foundations of the Faith is to strengthen Christians in the faith. We will be laying a doctrinal foundation for Christian growth and maturity. Topics include authority, the Trinity, Christology (the study of the deity of Jesus), Pneumatology (the study of the Holy Spirit), faith healing (laying on of hands), and the ordinances of Christianity (baptism, the Lord’s supper, etc.).

Bayless Conley

Supernatural Living

Dr. A.L. Gill


10 Sessions

4 hrs 15 min

You will establish an intimate relationship with God and discover how to operate in all nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. You will eagerly desire, receive and fan these gifts into flame as you enter into new and exciting dimensions Supernatural Living and doing the works of Jesus with signs, wonders and miracles being a part of your daily life and ministry!

New Testament Survey

Dr. John Amstutz


10 Sessions

4 hrs 21 min

God reveals Himself through the Word of God. In this ten-session New Testament Survey series, covering the Gospels and Acts, the Pauline Epistles, though to Revelation, biblical scholar Dr. John Amstutz illuminates the Word of God in an easy-to-understand format.

Praise and Worship

Dr. LaMar Boschman


5 Sessions

2 hrs 15 min

Best-selling author and contemporary Christian recording artists, Dr. LaMar Boschman provides a clear insight into Praise and Worship. In these sessions, you’ll learn why we worship, and what worship is. By the end of this teaching, you’ll develop a lifestyle of personal worship, not just on the weekends.

Fear of the Lord

John Bevere


1 Session

21 min

The Fear of the Lord is the key to the treasures of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge. In this course, John challenges you to reverence God in a way that will transform your daily life.

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