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Live an extraordinary life, discovering principles rooted in faith, grace, and divine wisdom for a journey of spiritual enrichment.

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All of us were meant for more, created and intended for an extraordinary life that is anything but ordinary. In this curriculum, John Bevere presents a compelling and deeply inspiring case straight from Scripture that will position you to step into the unknown and embrace your divine empowerment.

These 12 sessions are the roadmap to your journey of transformation. The power to live an exceptional life is not defined by your family, education, or occupation; it’s a disposition of the heart. You are marked for a life that far surpasses the usual definitions of success or fulfillment—begin pursuing your extraordinary!

Discover the extraordinary life God calls believers to in this captivating course led by John Bevere. Over 12 sessions, you will explore paradigm shifts, the revealed Word of God, and the empowering grace that leads to living an exceptional life. From understanding holiness and accessing God’s grace to confronting challenges and embracing an unwavering faith, each session unfolds a remarkable plan for believers to surpass the common measure and live extraordinarily. Delve into the Kingdom within, the link between faith and grace, and the profound connection between spirit, soul, and body, all guided by the extraordinary teachings of John Bevere.

What You’ll Learn

  • Access divine resources for an exceptional, God-infused life
  • Learn how to walk in the Spirit by the power of the Word
  • Exceed earthly definitions of fulfillment and success
  • Challenging questions and Scriptures
  • Weekly devotions, prayers, and session overviews
  • Facts, definitions, and encouraging quotes
  • Understand the extraordinary life God desires, beyond mediocrity.
  • Explore the transformative power of the revealed Word of God.
  • Embrace God’s grace for extraordinary living beyond salvation.
  • Navigate the transition from the Law to walking in grace.
  • Pursue holiness based on God’s character, empowered by grace.
  • Access God’s empowering grace through unwavering faith.
  • Strengthen faith and redefine identity through the Word.
  • Uncover the transformative power of humility and specific faith.
  • Guard hearts and reap a bountiful harvest of faith through knowledge and obedience.
  • Overcome misconceptions about the flesh and draw from the spirit’s life source.
  • Recognize God’s imperial rule and spread its influence in various aspects of life.
  • Utilize the gifts of grace to positively influence culture.


1. God’s Pleased with Extraordinary
In Session 1, “God’s Pleased with Extraordinary,” John Bevere unfolds a captivating exploration of the extraordinary life God calls believers to lead. Over 12 lessons, a paradigm shift, inspired by Thomas Coon’s concept, unfolds—a radical change driven by the powerful agent of change: the Word of God. Contrary to a mediocre image, Bevere reveals God’s desire for every individual, emphasizing that an extraordinary life is based on the condition of the heart, not position. Pleasing God goes beyond unconditional love; it’s a goal to be “well pleasing” at the Judgement Seat of Christ, determining eternal rewards. With insights into God’s written book about each life and His extraordinary plan, Session 1 sets the stage for a profound journey.
2. Revealed as We Are
In Session 2, “Revealed As We Are,” John Bevere explores living authentically in the extraordinary journey. Emphasizing the significance of the revealed Word of God, he urges believers to move beyond inspiration to genuine transformation. The session delves into the definition of extraordinary, highlighting God’s desire for exceptional living that pleases Him. Navigating the Judgment Seat of Christ, Bevere stresses the fear of the Lord as integral to true holiness, where deeds, motives, and intentions are examined. Encouraging believers to embrace their actual image, he underscores the transformative power of the Word of God in exposing and shaping innermost thoughts. The call resonates to live genuinely, not in a projected image, guided by the fear of the Lord.
3. You Can Do It!
“You Can Do It!” explores the concept of living an extraordinary life through God’s grace. Ephesians 3:9-10 emphasizes revealing God’s secret plans, with synonyms like remarkable and amazing. The desire for an extraordinary life is innate, and God not only desires it for us but is pleased when we achieve it. The session delves into the multifaceted nature of God’s grace, beyond salvation, extending to daily Christian living. Grace is not merely forgiveness but empowerment, allowing believers to walk as Jesus did. The original Greek term for grace, charis, denotes unmerited favor and God’s loving-kindness, with a dynamic force enabling believers to live extraordinarily. Understanding grace’s power transforms lives, aligning believers with God’s extraordinary plans for them.
4. Newness of Life
In Session 4: “Newness of Life,” led by John Bevere, Ephesians 3:9-10 unveils an extraordinary plan of God through Christians. Embracing the extraordinary, defined as beyond the common measure, the session explores the transition from the Law to walking like Jesus through grace. John 1:16-17 emphasizes receiving Jesus’s fullness and partaking in the divine nature. Jesus’s comparisons between the Law and grace redefine moral standards. Being perfect as Christians aligns with growing into complete maturity, challenging traditional teachings. Grace’s power, intertwined with words, contrasts disempowerment from incorrect teachings. Overcoming sin with grace emphasizes freedom from dominion, prompting a transformative consequence and a call to live an extraordinary life.
5. Holiness
Session 5 of “Extraordinary” explores holiness based on Ephesians 3:10. Living extraordinarily pleases God, empowered by 2 Peter 1:3. Holiness, often neglected due to past legalism and effort, is crucial. Sexual purity is emphasized in 1 Thessalonians 4:1-3. The Corinthian church’s struggles parallel contemporary challenges. Holiness, rooted in God’s character, involves separation and consecration. Grace, godly fear, and holiness intersect. The session urges active pursuit of holiness, cautioning against falling short of God’s grace. Isaiah 35:8-10 envisions a highway of holiness, symbolizing God’s elevated way of living. Pursuing holiness prevents stumbling, ensuring believers won’t fall away.
6. The Kingdom Within
In Session 6: “The Kingdom Within,” the teaching explores the concept that confrontation, like a surgical procedure, is sometimes necessary for growth. It delves into the extraordinary plan of God and emphasizes that believers have everything they need through grace to live an exceptional life. The session highlights the appointment of believers by God and their role in bearing lasting fruit. It emphasizes the transformative power of grace, stating that it enables individuals to go beyond their natural abilities. The teaching also discusses the Kingdom of God within the hearts of believers and the impact it should have on their lives. It concludes by stressing the importance of grace as God’s empowerment to advance His Kingdom on earth.
7. The Access
In Session 7, “The Access,” with John Bevere, believers explore the extraordinary link between faith and grace. This session reveals that an exceptional life is not about position but the condition of the heart. Ephesians 3:10 and 2 Peter 1:3 highlight faith as the key to accessing God’s empowering grace. Romans 5:1-2 stresses “access,” illustrating faith as the PVC piping to abundant grace. The teaching emphasizes God’s Word as the repository of grace for extraordinary living. Faith, coupled with corresponding words and actions, leads to salvation and righteous living. Participants learn to access grace through unwavering faith, enabling them to lead extraordinary lives as intended by God.
8. Beyond Comprehension
In Session 8, “Beyond Comprehension,” John Bevere highlights the extraordinary plan of God, underscoring the vital role of faith. Addressing the need to strengthen faith, akin to Paul’s mission, the session unfolds its transformative power. Participants are urged to let the Word redefine their identity through faith, embracing Kingdom benefits. Emphasizing victory over the world via faith, believers are called to live extraordinarily, ruling through Christ. The teaching challenges dependence on the world’s economy, urging alignment with God’s power for living abundantly. Stressing healing through faith and the grace pipeline, the session concludes with a warning about accountability at the Judgment Seat based on one’s response to God’s Word.
9. True Faith Is Relentless
In Session 9, “True Faith is Relentless,” John Bevere passionately uncovers the extraordinary nature of a life driven by faith. Grounded in Ephesians 3:10, Bevere underscores the remarkable plan of God unfolding among Jesus’ followers. He navigates through the profound dimensions of grace, emphasizing its transformative power and role in accessing God’s extraordinary blessings. The session explores humility, the specificity of faith, and real-life examples, like the healing touch of a woman and the Syrophoenician woman’s unwavering belief. Bevere highlights the vital link between faith and receiving God’s provision, sharing a personal experience during the Hayman Fire. This session, rich in biblical teachings and practical insights, unveils the path to an extraordinary life through unshakeable faith.
10. What Are You Listening To?
In “What Are You Listening To?”, John Bevere urges an extraordinary life, surpassing the common measure. Contrasting normalcy with exceptional living, he emphasizes pleasing God through grace. The session explores faith’s impact on the Body of Christ, revealing the potential for God’s glory on earth through unwavering belief. Using the mustard seed analogy, Bevere underscores faith’s origin and the power of God’s Word. The parable of the sower emphasizes cultivating good soil for God’s Word to flourish. The session concludes with a reminder to vigilantly filter what is seen and heard, recognizing the pivotal role of knowledge and obedience. You’ll gain insights into thoughts and beliefs, empowering them to guard their hearts and reap a bountiful harvest of faith.
11. The Flesh
In Session 11, “The Flesh,” John Bevere explores the extraordinary aspects of the human makeup, emphasizing the profound connection between spirit, soul, and body. Addressing the misconceptions about the flesh’s dominance, Bevere guides students to understand the pivotal role of the spirit as the life source. He delves into the salvation process for each component—spirit, soul, and body—highlighting the transformative power of the Word of God. Emphasizing the importance of overcoming the flesh, Bevere illustrates how believers can choose to draw from their spirit influenced by the Holy Spirit, superseding the law of sin and death.
12. God’s Imperial Rule
In Session 12, “God’s Imperial Rule,” John Bevere explores the extraordinary plan of God and the pivotal role of the local church. Defining “extraordinary” as surpassing the common measure, Bevere emphasizes the contrast with the normal. Focusing on the Kingdom of God as “God’s imperial rule,” he urges believers to spread its influence. Discussing the delegation of authority to humanity, Bevere highlights the responsibility to execute God’s will and reclaim dominion from Satan. Drawing from biblical accounts, he encourages manifesting the extraordinary in various aspects of life. The session concludes with a call to recognize and utilize the gifts of grace, fostering an extraordinary spirit to positively influence culture.
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12 Sessions

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About the Instructor

John Bevere

John Bevere is a minister known for his bold, uncompromising approach to God’s Word. He is also an international bestselling author of The Awe of God, The Bait of Satan, The Fear of the Lord, and Driven by Eternity. He has written more than 20 books that have, collectively, sold millions of copies and been translated into over 130 languages.

Along with his wife, Lisa, John is the co-founder of Messenger International, a ministry committed to revolutionizing global discipleship. Driven by a passion to develop uncompromising followers of Christ, Messenger has given over 60 million translated resources to leaders across the globe. 

He cohosts the Conversations with John & Lisa Bevere podcast.


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