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Prophetic Foundations

Keith Hazell | Jeremy Hazell

Prophetic Foundations
Explore prophetic ministry’s biblical foundations, discernment, and the vital role in building a unified local church.

10 Video Lessons

Watch, listen, and learn as father-and-son team Keith and Jeremy Hazell shows you the biblical foundations of the prophetic ministry in the local church. 

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Prophetic Foundations provides a comprehensive exploration of prophetic ministry in the local church, led by instructors Keith and Jeremy Hazell. The course covers essential aspects of prophetic understanding, emphasizing the role of prophets in building and encouraging the Church. Participants will delve into diverse realms of prophetic expression, learn the skill of hearing the voice of God, and gain insights into New Testament prophetic ministry. Addressing the integration of prophetic ministry in the local church, discernment of prophetic words, and responsible handling of false revelation, the course equips students to engage actively in church growth. Tailored for pastors, church leaders, and individuals eager to contribute to a vibrant local church environment.

What You’ll Learn

  • Understand the foundational significance of prophetic ministry in the local church.
  • Explore diverse realms of prophetic expression, including the Spirit of prophecy, the gift of prophecy, and the ministry of a prophet.
  • Gain insights into New Testament prophetic ministry, collaboration among ministries, and the prophetic call for reconciliation.
  • Embrace and incorporate prophetic ministry within the local church, forming prophetic teams and engaging in prophetic intercession.
  • Develop the crucial skill of hearing the voice of God through practical steps and biblical examples.
  • Exercise discernment in judging prophetic words, aligning them with the Bible and the Spirit of the Lord.
  • Recognize the accountability of prophets in safeguarding the Church from false revelation and discern false prophets.
  • Step into their prophetic gifts to contribute actively to the growth of the Church, embracing humility and faithfulness.



1. Importance and Value of Prophetic Ministry (Keith Hazell)

Led by Keith Hazell, this session explores the profound significance of prophetic ministry in the local church. Drawing from Ephesians 4:11, it emphasizes the restoration of understanding regarding apostles and prophets. Prophets, seen as builders, are highlighted in Revelation 2:2 for unveiling the true church condition. Keith Hazell guides participants to find their places in the body of Christ through the Holy Spirit’s anointing. The session touches on prophetic visions (Proverbs 29:18) and the prophetic word’s role in building faith, providing strength, and guiding the Church to maturity (Ephesians 4:13–14). Addressing harm from false prophets and emphasizing discernment (Revelation 2:20), participants are urged to embrace prophetic ministry for renewed supernatural manifestations.

2. Types of Prophetic Ministry (Jeremy Hazell)
In Jeremy Hazell’s “Types of Prophetic Ministry,” participants delve into diverse prophetic expressions rooted in Acts 21:8-10. Three distinct realms are explored: the Spirit of prophecy, fostering shared revelations; the gift of prophecy, a divine endowment for regular ministering; and the ministry of a prophet, characterized by maturity and unique roles. The session emphasizes discerning personal ambition from a shared Kingdom vision, cautioning against pride and control. Motivation is highlighted, urging a self-sacrificing love in prophetic ministry. Prospective students gain foundational insights into prophetic realms, preparing for a transformative journey.

3. New Testament Prophets (Keith Hazell)
Keith Hazell, with over 35 years in prophetic ministry, unfolds the intricacies of “New Testament Prophets.” Addressing the challenges faced by emerging prophets, Keith dispels stereotypes and explores biblical distinctions between Old and New Testament prophets, spotlighting figures like Agabus. Emphasizing Ephesians 4:11 and Hebrews 8:6, he unveils the unique ministry under the New Covenant. Keith advocates for collaborative prophetic work, mirroring Jesus’ role in reconciliation and prediction. With examples and teachings, this session equips prospective students to contribute effectively to the Church’s growth. Prepare to delve into the multifaceted world of New Testament prophetic ministry under Keith Hazell’s seasoned guidance.
4. Releasing Prophetic Ministry in the Local Church (Keith Hazell)
In the session “Releasing Prophetic Ministry in the Local Church”, Keith Hazell empowers pastors and church leaders to seamlessly integrate prophetic ministry within the local church. The session emphasizes the crucial need for reconciliation between leaders and prophetic individuals, fostering a shift in attitudes. It advocates for the formation of prophetic teams under pastor guidance, active participation in the church’s prayer life, and collaborative decision-making. The message underscores the transformative impact of a unified relationship between church leadership and those with prophetic gifts, envisioning a church vibrant with prophetic life and experiencing the miraculous. Hazell’s guidance seeks to create a harmonious synergy between leaders and prophetic individuals for the flourishing of the church community.
5. Hearing the Voice of God (Jeremy Hazell)
Jeremy Hazell guides students to focus on the crucial skill of “Hearing the Voice of God.” Drawing inspiration from biblical examples like Moses, who spoke with God face to face, the session explores the process of learning to hear God’s voice, emphasizing that it is a journey requiring time and commitment. Addressing challenges, Jeremy highlights the distractions that hinder us from hearing God clearly and stresses the importance of cultivating an intimate relationship through worship and prayer. The session provides practical steps, such as being a willing servant, to enhance receptivity to God’s messages. The session includes three practical steps: submitting to God’s authority, resisting negative influences, and quieting competing voices to foster a deeper connection with God.
6. Judging Prophetic Words (Jeremy Hazell)
Led by Jeremy Hazell, this session focuses on the vital skill of evaluating prophetic words. Participants delve into the significance for church leaders and prophetic individuals to discern these messages, drawing insights from Isaiah 55:10–11. Emphasizing the weight behind prophetic words and their purpose to bring life, Hazell explains the power released from Heaven to fulfill God’s desires. The session guides participants in evaluating prophecies through the lenses of the Bible and the Spirit of the Lord within. Practical advice is offered on maintaining clean channels, operating in love, and being accountable for prophetic outcomes. Hazell uses biblical examples to instill a profound understanding of the responsibility and discernment required in prophetic ministry.
7. Receiving and Responding to the Prophetic (Keith Hazell)
8. Prophetic Gatherings in the Local Church (Keith Hazell)
9. False Revelation (Keith Hazell)
10. Stepping Out (Keith Hazell)
In this final session by Keith Hazell, you’ll be guided through the importance of “Stepping Out” into your prophetic gifts to contribute to the growth of the Church. Rooted in Acts 19:6, the session highlights experiential Holy Spirit encounters, emphasizing the universal ability of believers to prophesy (1 Corinthians 14:31). Regardless of age, eagerness and willingness are encouraged, supported by Keith Hazell’s personal anecdotes. The session explores diverse prophetic manifestations in the local church, such as prophetic songs, seers, and speakers. Practical examples and insights enrich the understanding. The core message urges believers to grow, excel in spiritual gifts, and actively contribute to Church building with humility and faithfulness.
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English, French




3.8 credit units

No. of Sessions

10 Sessions

Running Time

4 hour 46 minutes

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About the Instructors

Keith Hazell
Keith Hazell was an English prophet, pastor, and author. He founded the ministry Winds of Change with his wife, Nova, and son, Jeremy. He also co-founded a family of churches, Life Links International. His book Whose Word is it Anyway challenges the local church concerning the role of the prophetic ministry.

He went to be with the Lord on September 14, 2013.

Jeremy Hazell

Jeremy Hazell is a Canadian prophet and pastor. He serves as co-pastor of Families with Children alongside his wife Faith Hazell at Parallel Church. He co-pastored Mosaic Christian Fellowship in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada with his wife Faith. For years he served in prophetic ministry with his father, Keith.


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