Prophetic Foundations

Dr. Keith Hazell

Dr. Keith Hazell was an English prophet, pastor, and author. He founded the ministry Winds of Change with his wife, Nova, and son, Jeremy. He also co-founded a family of churches, Life Links International. His book Whose Word is it Anyway challenges the local church concerning the role of the prophetic ministry. He went to be with the Lord on September 14, 2013.

Jeremy Hazell

Jeremy Hazell is a Canadian prophet and pastor. He co-pastors Mosaic Christian Fellowship in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. For years he served in prophetic ministry with his father, Keith.

Course Introduction

A step-by-step method on prophetic ministry. This series will inform, motivate, and release the prophetic in your local church. If you’ve ever had fears or misconceptions about the prophetic, this course is for you.
Module 1 Prophetic Foundations
Session 1 Importance and Value of Prophetic Ministry  
Session 2 Types of Prophetic Ministry  
Session 3 New Testament Prophets  
Session 4 Releasing Prophetic Ministry in the Local Church  
Session 5 Hearing the Voice of God  
Session 6 Judging Prophetic Words  
Session 7 Receiving and Responding to the Prophetic  
Session 8 Prophetic Gatherings in the Local Church  
Session 9 False Revelation  
Session 10 Stepping Out