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Breaking Intimidation

John Bevere | Lisa Bevere

Breaking Intimidation

Break the spirit intimidation, reclaiming authority, and fostering fearlessness through insightful biblical guidance and personal revelations.

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Watch, listen, and learn as John Bevere shows you how to break intimidation’s chains.

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Breaking Intimidation


Everyone has been intimidated at some point in life. Do you really know why it happened or how to keep it from happening again? John Bevere exposes the root of intimidation, challenges you to break its fearful grip, and teaches you to release God’s gifts and establish His dominion in your life.

Don’t let your fear hold you back! Shake free from depression, hopelessness and confusion, and walk in a new boldness and confidence in the power of Jesus Christ.
Be a valiant warrior who will bring forth great victories in the strength of God.


Intimidation is a subtle, dangerous enemy of faith. It operates quietly in the shadows, causing you to shrink back in fear from your God given destiny to rule and reign in life. Worse, most Christians who suffer from its effects don’t even know it, so they treat the symptoms rather than dealing with the root problem. 
But you, a child of the most-high God, can break free from fear’s grip on your life and walk boldly in your God-given authority. It’s time to step out of hiding and experience life beyond fear. 
In the Breaking Intimidation course, I share the process God used to help me escape fear’s limiting voice—revealing from God’s Word how you can identify it and break its power so you can live with a powerful and effective faith. 
If you are ready to do some soul searching and put the influence of fear firmly in the rear view mirror, then let’s dive in!
Embark on a riveting exploration in the course “Your Place of Authority” by John Bevere, breaking the chains of intimidation. This course delves into the biblical foundation, connecting believers’ authority to their dwelling place in the Spirit. John Bevere shares personal struggles and divine revelations, empowering you to resist intimidation and reclaim their authority. The sessions unravel the tactics of intimidation, urging attendees to confront the root rather than symptoms. With boldness and insights from biblical examples, discover the power to overcome intimidation and maintain spiritual authority.

What You’ll Learn

  • Access divine resources for an exceptional, God-infused life
  • Learn how to walk in the Spirit by the power of the Word
  • Exceed earthly definitions of fulfillment and success
  • Challenging questions and Scriptures
  • Weekly devotions, prayers, and session overviews
  • Facts, definitions, and encouraging quotes
  • Break the chains of intimidation and reclaim spiritual authority.
  • Understand the biblical foundation linking authority to the dwelling place in the Spirit.
  • Resist intimidation with a firm grasp of one’s spiritual position in Christ.
  • Identify intimidation as a hindrance to utilizing God-given gifts.
  • Confront the root causes of intimidation for effective calling fulfillment.
  • Learn the consequences of succumbing to intimidation through biblical stories.
  • Embrace boldness rooted in power, love, and a sound mind to overcome intimidation.
  • Stir up God’s gifts within to stand firm against intimidation.
  • Explore the transformative power of love in facing judgment and mistreatment without fear.
  • Possess a sound mind, breaking the shackles of intimidation.
  • Gain insights from Nehemiah’s story on overcoming intimidation and pressing on in the face of opposition.


1. Your Place of Authority
In the first session, “Your Place of Authority,” by John Bevere, you’ll embark on a profound exploration of breaking intimidation’s chains. John shares personal struggles and divine revelations, emphasizing the urgency of this transformative message. Unveiling the biblical foundation, he connects believers’ authority to their dwelling place in the Spirit, highlighting the impact of transgression and the redemption through Jesus. Empowered to reclaim authority, you’ll learn to resist intimidation, understanding their position in Christ. Drawing from personal experiences and powerful revelations, concludes with a compelling reminder: grasping one’s spiritual position is vital to overcoming intimidation and maintaining authority.
2. Imparted Gifts
In session 2 of “Imparted Gifts,” the focus shifts to Timothy’s journey, highlighting his elevation from a traveling assistant to the apostolic overseer in Ephesus. Paul’s letter emphasizes the significance of maintaining a pure conscience and stirring up the gift of God within, addressing the two extremes in the church—pursuing power at the expense of character and focusing solely on character. The teaching stresses the importance of recognizing and utilizing one’s spiritual gift to prevent spiritual decline, drawing parallels with the parable of talents. The session concludes by relating individuals’ gifts to the human body and sets the stage for addressing how the devil seeks to intimidate believers from operating in their gifts in the next discussion.
3. The Spirit of Intimidation (Part 1)
In session 3, “The Spirit of Intimidation (Part 1),” you’ll be reminded of their authority above demonic powers. John Bevere underscores the necessity of dwelling consistently in this spiritual place to lead a steady, tempered life. Intimidation is identified as a tactic of the enemy to hinder believers from utilizing their God-given gifts, with a focus on the spirit of fear. Using the example of Elijah facing Jezebel’s intimidation, the session emphasizes the importance of addressing the root of intimidation rather than its symptoms. Believers are encouraged to break free from intimidation to fulfill their calling effectively.
4. The Spirit of Intimidation (Part 2)
In Session 4, “The Spirit of Intimidation (Part 2),” John Bevere explores the consequences of succumbing to intimidation using the story of Eli from 1 Samuel 3. Eli’s leadership, tainted by his sons’ misconduct, led to spiritual paralysis and compromised integrity. The session warns against pastors yielding to intimidation, hindering the flow of God’s revelation in churches. It advocates for valiance in upholding truth, addressing immorality, and facing potential persecution. Bevere underscores the importance of pastors both feeding and protecting the flock, confronting sin, and fostering a spirit of love. The session concludes with a reflection on Moses, illustrating the cost of compromising truth.
5. Stir Up the Gift: Power
Session 5, “Stir Up the Gift: Power” delves into overcoming the spirit of intimidation through boldness. John Bevere emphasizes intimidation’s goal to render believers powerless, stressing the importance of stirring up God’s gift within. Drawing from 2 Timothy 1:6-7, Bevere explores how boldness, rooted in a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind, activates God’s gifts. Using King David’s fearless confrontation of Goliath as an example, he showcases the impact of true boldness. The session concludes with insights from Lisa Bevere, encouraging women to rise boldly, embracing God’s strength to bring transformation. It serves as a rallying call for believers to stand firm, armed with God’s power, and united in overcoming intimidation.
6. Stir Up the Gift: Love
In session 6: “Stir up the Gift: Love,” John Bevere will guide you through overcoming intimidation and embracing a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind (2 Tim. 1:7). Unveiling the nuances of boldness, Bevere distinguishes divine courage from mere bravado using Simon Peter’s journey as a poignant example. Attendees explore the transformative power of love (1 John 4:17-18) and its role in facing judgment and mistreatment without fear. The Gethsemane experience reveals that under pressure, true motivations emerge. The session concludes with Simon Peter’s transformation into a bold rock, symbolizing strength through surrender to God’s agape love. This journey challenges attendees to embrace a love-driven existence free from self-consciousness and fear.
7. Stir Up the Gift: Sound Mind
In session 7, “Stir Up the Gift: Sound Mind” with John Bevere, you’ll revisit the foundational truth that God grants them a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind. The focus shifts to the crucial aspect of possessing a sound mind, exploring the dichotomy between the fear of man and the fear of God. John illustrates how succumbing to the fear of man ensnares individuals in a perilous trap, hindering their service to God. The session delves into the transformative impact of seeking God’s guidance in every situation, breaking the shackles of intimidation.
8. Press On
In the final session, “Pressing On,” John Bevere shows you Nehemiah’s remarkable story, unveiling profound insights into overcoming intimidation and pressing on in the face of opposition. Nehemiah’s resilience against plots of belittlement, discouragement, anger, threats, sidetracking, lies, and false prophecies serves as a powerful illustration. Bevere draws parallels to other biblical figures like the Apostle Paul and Jesus, emphasizing the high calling to control atmospheres, confront discouragement, and stand strong. The session concludes with a call to develop a strong spirit and be valiant for truth, inspiring believers to live fear-free through a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind.
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3.04 credit units

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8 Sessions

Running Time

4 hour 29 minutes

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About the Instructors

John Bevere

John Bevere is a minister known for his bold, uncompromising approach to God’s Word. He is also an international bestselling author of The Awe of God, The Bait of Satan, The Fear of the Lord, and Driven by Eternity. He has written more than 20 books that have, collectively, sold millions of copies and been translated into over 130 languages.

Along with his wife, Lisa, John is the co-founder of Messenger International, a ministry committed to revolutionizing global discipleship. Driven by a passion to develop uncompromising followers of Christ, Messenger has given over 60 million translated resources to leaders across the globe. 

He cohosts the Conversations with John & Lisa Bevere podcast.

Lisa Bevere
Lisa Bevere

Lisa Bevere is an internationally known speaker and the New York Times bestselling author of Fiercely Loved, Godmothers, Without Rival, Girls with Swords, and Lioness Arising.

Along with her husband, John, Lisa is the co-founder of Messenger International, a ministry committed to revolutionizing global discipleship. Driven by a passion to develop uncompromising followers of Christ, Messenger has given over 60 million translated resources to leaders across the globe. 

She cohosts the Conversations with John & Lisa Bevere podcast and hosts The Godmother podcast.

Lisa has been empowering women for more than 30 years and has been featured by Hallmark’s Home and Family, Life Today, Relevant magazine, the Dream Big Podcast with Bob Goff & Friends, The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey, That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs, Christy Wright’s Business Boutique, and more. 


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