Trimester 3


This trimester covers various courses and teachings from different individuals related to leadership development, ministry, evangelism, and church growth. It includes the vision behind the International School of Ministry (ISOM), New Testament-based cell groups, the Holy Spirit’s role in evangelism, heart integrity for leadership, clear vision for the Great Commission, church planting, and the transformative power of an Altar Call. 

10 Courses

32 Sessions

14 hours


Dr. Berin Gilfillan


1 Session

17 min

Dr. Berin Gilfillan, the one whom God has used to bring together the vision of the International School of Ministry (ISOM), shares in this single-session course the vision behind the ISOM and and why the tool of the International Curriculum was produced.

Bayless Conley

Church-Based Training

Dr. Stan DeKoven


3 Sessions

1 hr 16 min

This course covers leadership development, educational ministry, and Bible institute planning. Emphasis on raising leaders, effective teaching, and ministry readiness. Unity and interdependence for community maturity.

Cell Groups

Larry Stockstill


4 Sessions

1 hrs 52 min

Larry Stockstill advocates New Testament-based cell groups, promoting effective pastoral care, evangelism, and raising leaders for impactful churches.

Power Evangelism

Dr. Reinhard Bonnke


5 Sessions

2 hrs 31 min

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke stresses the Holy Spirit’s role in world evangelism, transforming believers into fervent evangelists. Emphasis on unwavering faith, reliance on the Holy Spirit’s power for saving, healing, and freedom. 

Leader’s Integrity

Dr. Jack Hayford


2 Sessions

58 min

Jack Hayford emphasizes on heart integrity for leadership using Abimelech and David’s stories. Importance of forgiveness for unhindered ministry and relationships.

Leadership Vision

Dr. David Shibley


5 Sessions

2 hr 27 min

David Shibley emphasizes clear vision for the Church’s Great Commission. Traits of visionary leaders like Joshua, prayer, and global evangelism highlighted.

Church Planting

Dr. Jim Feeney, PhD


5 Sessions

1 hr 50 min

This course delves into Church Planting, emphasizing its biblical foundation and team effectiveness. Jim Feeney focuses on  the ultimate aim of multiplying churches and reaching the unsaved globally.

Being Led by the Spirit

Bayless Conley


5 Sessions

2 hr 16 min

This course emphasizes being led by God’s Spirit, Word, integrity, and counsel. Bayless Conley highlights spiritual guidance, proper priorities, and avoiding deception.

Promise Keepers

Dr. Edwin (Ed) Cole


1 Session

30 min

Learn from the “father of the Christian men’s movement” the importance of Christ-like mahood and the responsbility of keeping promises.

Altar Call

Jim Cobrae


1 Session

35 min

This course discusses the transformative power of an Altar Call which can lead to a substantial increase in weekly new converts. Jim Cobrae emphasizes the crucial role of continual support and guidance for new believers.

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