Reaching a New Generation

Willie George

Willie George is the founding pastor of Church on the Move in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with a weekly attendance of over 11,000. He is well known for his role as “Gospel Bill” on the Children’s television program The Gospel Bill Show, which aired from 1981 to 1993. He was also the Executive Producer Fire by Nite, a television program aimed at reaching teenagers, which aired from 1986–1995.

Course Introduction

Module 1 Reaching a New Generation
Session 1 What the Bible Says About Children's Ministry  
Session 2 The Laws of Hospitality  
Session 3 The Last Days Harvest  
Session 4 Preaching to Children  
Session 5 Pastor-Driven Youth Ministry  
Session 6 How to Hold a Child's Attention  
Session 7 How to Be an Excellent Storyteller