Trimester 2


Power of Prayer explores prayer’s significance, encouraging systematic prayer for fulfilling the Great Commission and deepening faith in God. Ministry of Helps emphasizes vital support in the Church, urging faithful service and prayer for God’s cleansing fire. Old Testament Surveyconnects Old and New Testaments, exploring historical accounts and prophecies fulfilled in Jesus Christ. Essence of the Gospel celebrates Christ’s victory and engaging angels. Jesus, Our Healer Today delves into God’s healing will, highlighting faith, compassion, and salvation’s broader scope. Living by Faith teaches using supernatural faith, pleasing God, receiving promises, and releasing faith for miracles.

6 Courses

32 Sessions

14 hours

Power of Prayer

Dr. Dick Eastman


5 Sessions

2 hrs 21 min

In Power of Prayer, Dr. Dick Eastman discusses the significance and importance of personal and corporate prayer. He certainly will inspire you in this course, and he is a man who lives what he teaches as he prays daily for every nation of the world.

Bayless Conley

Ministry of Helps

Dr. Buddy Bell


5 Sessions

1 hrs 59 min

In Ministry of Helps, Buddy Bell, teaches in an amusing way on an incredibly important subject. I pray God uses these messages to strengthen the hands of saints to bring much-needed help to every local church.

Old Testament Survey

Dr. Christopher Gornold-Smith


10 Sessions

4 hrs 39 min

Old Testament Survey introduces the Bible’s importance for Christians, connecting the Old and New Testaments, exploring key events and prophecies fulfilled in Jesus Christ, uniting both testaments in the New Covenant.

Essence of the Gospel

Dr. Terry Law


5 Sessions

2 hrs 19 min

Essence of the Gospel explores the Gospel’s essence through faith in Christ, celebrating His victory, and engaging angels through faith, mirroring biblical miracles.

Jesus, Our Healer Today

Bayless Conley


5 Sessions

1 hr 56 min

Jesus, Our Healer Today explores God’s will for healing, emphasizing the prayer of faith and Jesus’ role as a compassionate healer, inspiring believers to approach Him boldly for restoration.

Living by Faith

Dr. Bill Winston


2 Sessions

1 hr 3 min

This course teaches Christians to live by faith, using Bill Winston’s testimony, focusing on supernatural faith, pleasing God, and manifesting miracles.

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