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Dr. A.L. Gill is the founder of Gill Ministries, which has an emphasis on the power and supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit. He has traveled to over 80 nations ministering to as many as 300,000 people in crusades. He has authored 10 Bible Studies that are being used in Bible Schools around the world.

Course Introduction

This study brings a revelation of who we are in Christ. It brings freedom from feelings of guilt, condemnation, inadequacy, and inferiority. It releases us into an exciting, life-changing revelation of what it means to be one with Jesus. Discover what God intended us to be through His great redemptive work!
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Session 1 Created in His Image  
Session 2 Our Image of the Father  
Session 3 New Creation Image  
Session 4 Exchanging Our Old Self Image  
Session 5 Our Image in Christ  
Session 6 New Creation Benefits  
Module 1 New Creation Image Exam
Session 1 New Creation Image Exam