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Dr. A.L. Gill

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Master the battle against sin with insights on the Holy Spirit’s power, yielding to God, and achieving victory in the Christian walk.

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Course Preview

New Creation Image

Brad Andrews sits down with Dr. A.L. Gill to talk about this course. 


Discover who you were purposed to be as God’s “New Creation!” This revelation will release you from defeating thoughts of inadequacy, inferiority, guilt, and condemnation! You will be conformed to the image of Jesus! With your true “New Creation Identity” you will find yourself declaring confidently: “I am what He says I am!” “I can do what He says I can do!” and “I can have what He says I can have!”

What You’ll Learn

  • Universality of the sin nature
  • Distinction between sin nature’s existence and yielding to it
  • Futility of self-efforts in conquering the sin nature
  • Transformative power of the Holy Spirit
  • Rejecting condemnation and shifting mindsets
  • Partnering with God for victory over the sin nature


1. Created in His Image

Do you think the fact that God gave Adam and Eve dominion and authority over the planet, Earth, has anything to do with you?

2. Our Image of the Father

Has the image of your Heavenly Father been affected by the characteristics of your earthly father? Does one relate to the other?

3. New Creation Image

What did the apostle Paul mean when he wrote, “Old things have passed away. All things have become new?”

4. Exchanging Our Old Self Image

Do you have erroneous thoughts or imaginations that need to be corrected, or any strongholds in your mind that need to be torn down? Do you feel guilty and condemned but you don’t know why?

5. Our Image in Christ

If we are in Jesus and all that God has is already ours, how do we receive it? What are the keys we need to receive His provision?

6. New Creation Benefits

Does God give us special rights and privileges when we come into the family of God, or does salvation mean it will be possible for us to go to heaven some day?

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English, French




2.28 credit units

No. of Sessions

6 Sessions

Running Time

3 hours 30 minutes

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About the Instructor

Supernatural Living
Dr. A.L. Gill

Dr. A.L. “Papa” Gill, an internationally renowned apostle, bestselling author, and dynamic Bible teacher, stands as a prominent figure in the realm of ministry and theological education. His journey unfolds across decades of impactful service, revealing a profound commitment to spreading the transformative power of the Gospel.

As the co-founder of Gill Ministries, along with his wife Joyce, Dr. Gill has been a catalyst for the manifestation of the Holy Spirit’s supernatural gifts. His extensive travels, spanning close to 90 nations, have seen him minister to crowds exceeding hundreds of thousands, leaving an indelible mark on the global landscape of faith. A seasoned evangelist, he has conducted crusades reaching up to 300,000 people, testifying to the reach and resonance of his message.

During his three-year tenure as a pastor at Lakewood Church in Houston, TX, Dr. Gill initiated an intern pastor program and served as the founding director of the Lakewood Bible Institute. He has served as the administrative assistant to Ralph Wilkerson, of Melodyland Christian Center, one of the “flagship” churches of the Charismatic Movement.

Dr. Gill’s literary impact is staggering, with over 20 million books in print, including the top-selling God’s Promises for Your Every Need, which has sold over 20 million copies. He has written other books such as Destined for DominionGod’s Covenant Blessings for YouOut! In the Name of Jesus, and has co-written several books with his wife Joyce, Miracles Are Still HappeningBreathrough to Glory! , and Set Free! From Iniquity.

As an apostolic figure, he is recognized as a Spiritual Father, or “Papa,” to ministries and churches worldwide. His teachings, available in various formats and languages, embody a Jesus-centered, Word-based approach, infused with the power of the Holy Spirit and the compassion of Christ.

Beyond the pulpit, Dr. Gill’s influence extends into the realm of academia. With a Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) and a Master of Theological Studies from Vision Christian University, and studies at Moody Bible Institute. Dr. Gill’s ministry is marked by continual confirmation through signs, wonders, and healing miracles. 


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