Spiritual Intimacy

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Mark Virkler

Dr. Mark Virkler is a minister, professor, and author. He is president of Christian Leadership University. He is a prolific author, having co-authored over 60 books, such as 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice, How to Hear God’s Voice, Dialog with God, and Prayers That Heal the Heart. He has traveled worldwide since 1984 teaching Christian spirituality through his Communion With God seminar. Mark has founded and pastored a church, as well as worked in a variety of other pastoral roles from 1968 to the present. Mark is also President of Communion With God Ministries. He holds a Bachelor of  Religion and Philosophy with a minor in Psychology. He holds a Master of Theology from Miami Christian University. He holds a Doctor of Divinity from Carolina Christian University.

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In Partnership with Christian Leadership University and Communion with God Ministries. 

Because of our partnership with CLU, we are thrilled to offer you this life-changing module at a one-time low cost. You gain access to this material for six months. 

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How to Hear God’s Voice

Guaranteed to teach you to hear God’s voice!

Prayers that Heal the Heart

Prayer counseling that breaks every yoke. 

Hear God Through Your Dreams

Start Hearing God Through Your Dreams today!

Spirit-Anointed Teaching

The tools you need to become a Spirit-anointed trainer!

How to Build a Winning Team

God uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary feats.

Premium Content


We are honored to offer this premium module, produced by Communion with God Ministries and Christian Leadership University (CLU). Because of our partnership with CLU, we are thrilled to offer you this life-changing module at a one-time low cost. 


The Spiritual Intimacy module is produced by Christian Leadership University (CLU) and taught solely by CLU President Dr. Mark Virkler. This module has a unique approach where students will receive revelation, perception, and illumination from the Holy Spirit.


The first skill you will want to sharpen is the ability Adam and Eve had to enjoy two-way conversations with Almighty God. They walked and talked with Him in the cool of the day, and He longs to delight in the same fellowship with you. This foundational skill allows us to receive God’s counsel and wisdom as we walk through life. This is the turning point in all our lives, as we learn to do Spirit-anointed works by living out of His voice. This is the first required skill for one who wants to walk and live by the Holy Spirit. Jesus said, “My sheep hear My voice.”




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A wonderful program that will be a great blessing to many.

Stan DeKoven, Ph.D.
President, Vision Christian College


Back in the 1980s, I began to draw upon Mark Virkler’s teaching on the subject of hearing God’s voice. We used his material in our training school for the church I pastored in Weaverville, CA. Mark not only served us with brilliant insights, he also inspired us with the confidence that we too could hear God’s voice and know Him more. I consider this to be one of the best moves I made in training our people. God has used Mark to help raise up believers into maturity.

Bill Johnson
Bethel Church, Redding, CA