Cleansing Stream

Chris Haywood

Chris Hayward is a pastor and minister. He is President of Cleansing Stream Ministries, a deliverance ministry providing seminars, programs, and retreats. He served as founding pastor of Christian Fellowship Church in Mountain Vernon, Illinois, for 11 years.

Raymond Petitt

Raymond Petitt is a businessperson and minister. He is the International Vice President of Global Ministries at Cleansing Stream Ministries.

Chad Daniel

Chad Daniel is a television personality, minister, and international speaker. He worked with Joyce Meyer Ministries as a television producer for six years. ISOM then brought Chad in-house to create YouthBytes, an internationally filmed program using modern-day parables to communicate with youth around the globe. Chad now heads up an international outreach ministry called Chad Daniel Ministries.

Course Introduction

A step-by-step deliverance method for leaders to be personally cleansed to be released for service in the Body of Christ.
Module 1 Cleansing Stream
Session 1 Walk in the Spirit
Session 2 To Commit Everything to God
Session 3 Speak Words of Life
Session 4 Enter the Cleansing Stream
Session 5 Press Toward the Goal
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