How is the program formatted?
The ISOM program offers pathways to receive your associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees. To be eligible for an associate degree, students must complete all five trimesters of the ISOM Core with passing grades. To be eligible for a bachelor’s degree, students must complete all five trimesters of the ISOM Core plus an additional five modules with passing grades.
What is the ISOM Core?
The ISOM Core contains the original legacy recordings of the International Curriculum. They are tried and tested teachings that not only allow students to deepen their relationship with God but also become better ministers and eventual church-planters. The ISOM Core consists of the first five trimesters of study and is foundational to all ongoing programs. Each trimester consists of 32 individual class sessions with a variety of topics.
What is included in each course?
In addition to the videos, we have provided written notes from each session (PDFs). You can view these via each page.
What order should I take the courses?
That depends on your background and experience. If you are new to the faith, then we suggest you consider our Foundations of the Faith course. For more experienced Christians, it’s up to you to decide what area of study best meets your needs. The order that we have laid out is our recommended order. If you need any help making up your mind, please email online@isom.org and we will get right back to you with a recommendation
What if I fail an exam?
Every student gets two attempts at their exams. If you take it once and don’t like the score you received, you can redo it when you are ready
How is my progress recorded?
When you finish watching a lesson click the “Mark as Complete” button. You can then continue onto the next lesson. It’s not possible to “un-mark” a lesson once it’s completed, but you can revisit any session if needed.
Will I be ordained when completing the program?
ISOM does not offer ordination, and graduates of our program are not automatically conferred the title of pastor, reverend, etc.
Is this an accredited school?

ISOM is accredited through the Transworld Accrediting Commission International (TACI). Our religious accreditation is similar to Christ for the Nations Institute (CFNI) or Hillsong College. For more information please visit our accreditation page.


When does enrollment start?
Enrollment for ISOM Online is always open. Since every class session is pre-recorded, you can begin any time you are ready.
Can I see what the program looks like before enrolling?
We provide a free one week trial for all prospective students. Although we are confident, you will love the program. If you decide that now is not the right time, you can cancel before one week with no penalties or hidden fees
If I finish in less than 12 months, do I pay less?
Every student is required to pay a minimum balance of 12 months to be eligible for a degree. If you finish your studies before the 12 months, you can continue paying monthly until the 12 payments have been made or pay off the remaining balance all at once.
If I need longer than 12 months, do I pay more?
Monthly payment continues for as long as you need access to your account. If your studies continue longer than 12 months, you continue to pay until your studies are completed.


How do I transfer previous credit into the ISOM?
Information on how to transfer credit can be sent to you by emailing grades@isom.org with your request.
Do we take personal or professional experience or ministry work as applicable credit?
Using ministry experience as applicable credit is possible, but not done frequently. Each request is evaluated individually on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in being evaluated, please contact grades@isom.org with a clear explanation of what you are requesting and a comprehensive overview of your ministry history.
Will other institutions take my credits from ISOM?

Generous transfer credit policies are in place with some of our partner institutions such as VIU, CLU, and CTS. Whether or not other institutions accept ISOM as applicable credit is at the discretion of those institutions. For more information on our credit and accreditation policies, please visit our accreditation page.


What is your cancellation policy?

You can do so in your account settings here.

You may cancel your subscription anytime before the next billing date, and you will not be charged. After that, your subscription will automatically renew each month until canceled.

No courses are transferable without completion. 

Do you have a refund policy?
A student can cancel and receive a refund for their most recent payment if the request is made no more than seven calendar days after a student’s payment date. This does not include the previous months of payments.


Can I view the courses on a smart device, tablet (like an iPad), smart phone (iPhone or Android), or computer (laptop or desktop)?
Yes, you can view the lessons online via any modern internet browser.
Can I download the lessons?
The videos and workbooks are available to stream any time, but you can’t download them. You can purchase separately printed workbooks and even digital video files.
Can I download the notes?
Every online student gets digital access to the notes. However, these are not able to be downloaded, and doing so is strictly prohibited under copyright.
What if I have any technical problems?
If you have any technical problems with our website, please email online@isom.org or use the contact us page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.