Building Business Brand Trust

JoAn Risdon

JoAn Risdon is an American marketing and branding consultant, and inspirational speaker. She founded and is CEO of Smart Image Media, LLC., a marketing and brand strategy firm offering businesses an effective way to build their bottom line. She also founded Absolute Graphics, Inc., a graphic design company. With her graphic design, marketing, and management experience, Smart Image Media can facilitate all phases of the branding process. She helps identify critical touchpoints (where the customer and business engage) to help give the brand greater consistency and clarity in her integrated marketing approach.

Course Description

How do you build trust? Since we are all in the “people business,” establishing trust with customers will ensure they will stay with your company. In this course, JoAn Risdon breaks down greatness into simple, repeatable steps: make commitments, keep commitments, live with the passion that is consistent with your values and your brand. You will learn what brand touchpoints are and what you can do to maximize your workforce by developing in people within your company.

Module 1 Building Business Brand Trust
Session 1 Building Business Brand Trust  
Session 2 Building Business Brand Trust Exam