Shoddy Chase

Shoddy Chase is a missionary, pastor, and author. She has been a missionary in the Philippines since 1980. Along with her husband, Paul, they are Founding and Senior Pastors of the network of churches New Life Church. New Life began as a small bible study group in 1990 in Muntinlupa, Philippines. Under the umbrella of New Life Alabang, there are 43 network churches across the nation and five in Asia. Her books include Watch a Miracle Begin and What Kind of Woman Is This: Unique Insights into Proverbs 31.

Course Description

God has placed a unique call on each of our lives. He gave each person specific gifts and talents that will further His Kingdom. However, while seeking our specific calling, we cannot neglect the callings God gave us in His Word. As you seek God, He will begin to show you the unique call He has for your life.
Module 1 Finding Your Calling
Session 1 The Call of God  
Session 2 The Ministry of Reconciliation  
Session 3 Finding Your Calling Exam