Pastoring in His Presence

Growth is the strongest desire found in a pastor s heart for his church; it is a passion given and placed by God. Yet, many pastors are hesitant to listen to what others have to say on that subject, especially if it comes off as brash or arrogant. Pastor Jim has written in an honest, open, in-your-face style that will narrate what it takes to get into the Lord s Presence, how it changed the way he pastored the church and caused miraculous growth. He speaks from the experience of over 40 years in the ministry as a pastor not only to small, barely-getting-by churches but also to one of the largest and greatest churches in America. The title Followship is not found in the dictionary. Pastor Jim created the word to better explain the adventure of finding your real leadership ability by following God. He touches on topics pastors will immediately relate to such as, learning how to pastor, wrong thinking, trust, pastoral ability, transparency and staff hiring and firing.

Module 1 Third Collection
Session 1 Followship