Generational Blessings

Helen Burns

Helen Burns and her husband, John, are the founding and teaching pastors at Relate Church in British Columbia, Canada. He left his dental practice to become a full-time pastor. John and Helen have seen the faithfulness of God as their own broken marriage has been restored, and they speak with wisdom and authority on building healthy relationships. They are passionate about church and equipping the next generation to live life well. John and Helen travel extensively, mentoring leaders, and sharing their life message with churches and organizations globally. John wrote the book The Miracle in a Daddy’s Hug. Helen wrote the book The Miracle in a Mother’s Hug. They also co-wrote the book What Dads Need to Know About Daughters/What Moms Need to Know About Sons.

Course Description

Learn from the husband and wife team about the role of a mother and a father.

Module 1 Generational Blessings
Session 1 The Miracle in a Daddy’s Hug (John Burns)  
Session 2 The Miracles of Motherhood (Helen Burns)