How to Choose the Right Employees

Dr. Jörg Knoblauch

Jörg Knoblauch is a German entrepreneur, National Speakers Association winning speaker, and author. He developed the Tempus Schedule System, a calendar tool for business professionals. He is a managing partner for the Tempus Group of Companies, a consulting firm. He serves as a board member of the International Fellowship of Companies for Christ International (FCCI). He is a bestselling author with over 400,000 sold books that have been translated into a dozen languages. His most famous book is Finding the Best People and Keeping Them.

Course Introduction

A step-by-step hiring method to hire the employees who will skyrocket your business to success.
Module 1 K27 | How to Choose the Right Employees
Session 1 K27.1 | Part 1
Session 2 K27.2 | Part 2
Session 3 K27 | EXAM
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