Sher Valenzuela

Sher Valenzuela is the vice president of First State Manufacturing, an industrial upholstery company.  Her organization employs 60 people and supplies seat covers for restaurants, engine covers, and ballistic vests. Valenzuela has run for both Lieutenant Governor and State Treasurer of Delaware. She is a sought-after speaker, author of The World’s Best Customer, and co-recipient with her husband Eli of a 2015 national award from the U.S. Small Business Administration for Entrepreneurism.

Course Description

Are you a blue-collar worker, or a regular employee —but feel called to be an entrepreneur? Are you afraid of rejection and failure? Sher Valenzuela and her husband, Eli, were in precisely that situation but felt compelled to break away and start a business. Now they are a principal supplier to the World’s Biggest Customer, the US Federal Government and have built a team that knows the ropes. In this two-part series, you will learn how you can engage in the local, state, and the national level. She shares about her and the many community and social impacts made possible through her success

Module 1 Marketing to Government and Big Business
Session 1 Winning the World's Best Customers  
Session 2 From Rags to Riches  
Session 3 Marketing to Government and Big Business Exam