Gaby Wentland

Gaby Wentland is a German pastor’s wife, missionary, author, international speaker, and businessperson. She is the founder and director of Mission Freedom, a non-profit organization dedicated to combating human trafficking and sex slavery. Gaby is also a member of the Executive Board of the German Evangelical Alliance. Gaby and her husband, Winfried, joined evangelist Reinhard Bonnke’s team. Having spent some 16 years on the mission field, the couple began a church in Hamburg-Neugraben, Germany. Today, Gaby actively advocates the abolition of human trafficking, while her husband regularly travels to Africa, organizing gospel campaigns as the Christ for All Nations (CfaN) Field Director.

Course Description

Learn about the miracles God is performing on the mission field.
Module 1 Miracles
Session 1 God’s Miracles Today  
Session 2 Believing God for the Impossible