Dave Hodgson

Dave Hodgson is an entrepreneur who currently lives in Australia. He is the founder, CEO, and Managing Director of the Paladin Group, an Australian multi-corporation worth 1 billion USD. Some of Paladin Group’s interests include energy, water infrastructure, healthcare, property development, financial services, and business acquisitions. He is also the founder of Kingdom Investors, a ministry providing Christian business people keys to being successful in business, both spiritually and practically. God’s calling on his life is to fund the kingdom of God and be successful in the marketplace while activating others to do the same. He has a vision and goal of helping to make Australia the first “sheep nation” on earth (Matthew 25:31-46). He works in close collaboration with a national coalition of marketplace leaders to bring about a Kingdom change in the culture.

Course Description

Learn how to get rid of greed, fear, and corruption from your business and attract the favor of God in your business and grow to be hugely successful.

Module 1 Ousting Babylon from the Marketplace
Session 1 Creating Sheep Nations  
Session 2 Finding Your Assignment  
Session 3 Knowing Your Enemy  
Session 4 Intimacy with the Lord  
Session 5 Ousting Babylon from the Marketplace Exam