Overcoming Disappointment

Dr. Lisa Gilfillan

Dr. Lisa Gilfillan is a businesswoman, speaker, educator, and minister. She is the creator of Women of the World. She also co-founded Good Shepherd Ministries International with her husband, Dr. Berin Gilfillan. She founded Monty’s Montessori Academy in Calimesa, California, and currently runs two early childhood Montessori centers with close to 200 children. She also is the creator of the Community Development program CDBoks, which is a curriculum designed to help lift people out of poverty. She not only has a strong prophetic gift but ministers with great humor. She is a popular minister and international speaker.

Course Description

Learn how to be set free from disappointment and depression.
Module 1 Overcoming Disappointment
Session 1 The One and the Many  
Session 2 The God Who Sees  
Session 3 Overcoming Discouragement and Depression