Bachelor’s Degree Fee



You may apply to graduate once you are eligible. You are eligible to participate once you have

  • successfully watched all videos from five selected modules
  • passed all exams with 70% or above
  • paid off all tuition 12 full payments of $69.00 or an annual subscription of $690.00
  • the required 12 since registration has elapsed
  • TRANSFER STUDENTS ONLY: The transfer fee of $100.00 has been paid

Apply to Graduate Fee

The Apply to Gradate fee has increased to $200.00 for candidates.

What the Apply to Graduate fee covers.

This fee helps cover the costs associated with the final preparation for graduation and the awarding of a student’s degree.

The fee covers the following services:

  • Degree audit and evaluation
  • Creating each student’s diploma
  • Mailing each student’s diploma