Marketplace Module 1 Workbook Hard Copy


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This printed version of the student workbook contains instruction and exercises, including group discussion topics and self-study subjects, for every session of Marketplace Module 2.

EXCLUSIVE only to ISOM Online students.

Courses include:

  • Ethics in the Marketplace (1 Session) Dr. Graham Power
  • The Journey to National Transformation (1 Session) Patrick Kuwana
  • The Economics of Mutuality (1 Session) Bruno Roche
  • Managing by Character (1 Session) Jim Cobrae
  • Shepherding Business and Marketplace Leaders (1 Session) Frank Lopez
  • Understanding Your Purpose (1 Session) Os Hillman
  • Receiving Your Inheritance (1 Session) Os Hillman
  • The Power of the Tithe (1 Session) Robert M. Benedict
  • Reaching a Tipping Point (1 Session) Dave Hodgson
  • Economic, Social, and Environmental Business (1 Session) Al Caperna
  • Kingdom Enterprise (1 Session) Jackie Seeno
  • Discipling the Nations through Business (1 Session) John Anderson
  • Global Business, Am I my Brother’s Keeper? (1 Session) Ram Gidoomal
  • Ousting Babylon from the Marketplace (4 Sessions) Dave Hodgson
  • How to Strategically Prepare for Any Negotiation (1 Session) Robert M. Benedict
  • Intercession in the Marketplace (1 Session) Dr. Gayle Rogers
  • The Nehemiah People (2 Sessions) Paul Cuny
  • Relating to Pastoral Covering (1 Session) Dave Hodgson
  • How to Choose the Right Employees (2 Sessions) Dr. Jörg Knoblauch
  • Authority of the Marketplace (1 Session) Dr. Gordon Bradshaw
  • The Five-Fold Effect in the Marketplace (1 Session) Walt Pilcher
  • Marketing and Keys to Success (2 Sessions) Dr. Ed Turose
  • Practical Tips for Starting New Businesses (2 Sessions) Dr. Erik Kudlis
  • Understanding Business Cycles and Kingdom Purposes (1 Session) Mani Erfan

Spiral-bound. 8.5x11.