Marketplace Module 2 Workbook Hard Copy


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This printed version of the student workbook contains instruction and exercises, including group discussion topics and self-study subjects, for every session of Marketplace Module 2.

EXCLUSIVE only to ISOM Online students.

Courses include:

  • Warrior Craftsmen by Liz Hawley
  • The Spirit of Entrepreneurship by Frank Lopez
  • Overcoming Workplace Challenges in a Post-Christian Environment by Timo Plutschinski
  • Kingdom Wealth by Dr. C Peter Wagner
  • Faith in the Media Marketplace by Phil Tan
  • Discovering Your Marketplace Assignment by Wende Jones
  • Changing Culture through Marketplace Influence by Wez Hone
  • Marketing to Government and Big Business by Sher Valenzuela
  • Understanding the Relational Side of Business by Dr. Michael Schluter
  • Using Today's Technology for Kingdom Business by Dr. Fernando Guillen
  • Marketplace, Government, and Church by Jimmy Oentoro
  • Stewarding Business and Profit by Deepak Mahtani
  • Transformational Leadership by Ford Taylor
  • The God Account by Robert M. Benedict
  • Building Business Brand Trust by JoAn Risdon
  • Influencing Those Who Influence Millions by Larry Reynolds
  • Projecting Kingdom Values in the Marketplace by Viktor Kostroub
  • Transforming Developing Markets through Business by Paul Szkiler
  • The Call to Business and the Call of Business by Dr. Peter Heslam
  • Stewardship by Dr. Andrés Panasiuk
  • How Business and Political Power Should Relate by Dr. Clyde Rivers
  • Influencing the Influencers by Dr. Gershom Sikaala
  • Discovering Bible Economics by Susie Kwok
  • Raising Up a Joseph Generation by Kevin Ward
  • The Generational Nature of Kingdom Wealth by Dave Hodgson
  • Kings and Priests by Dr. John Muratori

Spiral-bound. 8.5x11.