Messianic Module Workbook Hard Copy


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This printed version of the student workbook contains instruction and exercises, including group discussion topics and self-study subjects, for every session of Messianic Module.

EXCLUSIVE only to ISOM Online students.

Courses include:

  • P1. Prophetic Mysteries of the Seven Feasts of Israel (4 Sessions) Perry Stone/Bill Cloud
  • P2. Unlocking Hebrew Mysteries (4 Sessions) Perry Stone/Bill Cloud
  • P3. The Ancient Jewish Wedding (4 Sessions) Perry Stone
  • P4. The Code of the Priest (4 Sessions) Perry Stone
  • P5. Breath of the Holies (4 Sessions) Perry Stone
  • P6. Prophetic Discoveries Hidden in God’s Seven Appointed Feasts (4 Sessions) Perry Stone
  • P8. Enmity Between the Seeds (4 Sessions) Bill Cloud
  • P9. Israel and the Church (3 Sessions) Curt Landry

Spiral-bound. 8.5x11.