The Missions Addiction

Capturing God’s Passion for the World

God is calling out eleventh-hour workers for His harvest—people like you who are desperately in love with Jesus and who are passionately committed to see Him loved by every people and nation. In these action-packed pages, you will discover a Global Jesus Generation that is creating discomfort in the church and change in missions worldwide. God is injecting a missions serum into spiritual bloodstreams. He is calling you to become part of a contagious epidemic of missions-hearted believers who will bring global fame to His name!

David Shibley draws from a rich wealth of missions history, calling a new generation to become anchored radicals with the missions addiction!

You will discover: 

  • Why God often calls young people for major assignments
  • What are the most hopeful spiritual indicators in the church today
  • How God is working in unconventional ways to advance the gospel worldwide
  • How a new generation of God-chasers is crafting radical worship from every tribe and nation
  • How you can tie your life purpose to God’s global purpose
  • How you can live for what matters most
Module 1 Third Collection
Session 1 The Missions Addiction