4th Edition

2nd Edition (also accepted)

The Wisdom of 25 Men of Integrity

Fourth edition of 
Transparent Leader

Leadership comes with a high price tag for many men. TOO HIGH.

But for the man who knows the costs of leadership and prepares himself for the challenges he faces, the rewards can be great. 

In this fourth editon of the The Transparent Leader, businessman Dwight Johnson invites you to gean wisdom from 25 prominent men, some of whom learned their lessons the hard way as they faced and triumphed over problems such as: 

  • Family stress
  • Moral Failure
  • Business Reverses
  • Spiritual Bankruptcy 

These men emerged from their struggles as stronger, better leaders—and so can any man who is willing to be open and transparent in his leadership role. Included are chapters by: 

  • Ken Harrison (Chairman and CEO of Promise Keepers)
  • Chuck Colson (founder and chairman of the board Prison Fellowship)
  • Ken Blanchard (author of The One Minute Manager)
  • Ronald Harris
  • Adolph Coors IV
  • Bentley Rayburn (reitred Air Force major general)
  • Vince D’Acchioli (founder and president of On Trget Ministries)
  • Bill McCartney (American football player and coach and founder of Promise Keepers men’s ministry)
  • James H. Amos, Jr. (Chairman Emeritus of Mail Boxes, Etc.)
  • Hank Brown (former U.S. Senator)
  • Bill Armstrong (former U.S. Senator)
  • Bob Shank (Co-Founder of The Barnabas Group)
  • George W. Bush (43rd U.S. President)
  • Dave Hentschel (recording engineer for such artists as George Harrison, Elton John, Genesis, Queen, Jennifer Knapp, Point of Grace, and P.O.D.)
  • Jerry White
  • Tom Landry (football player and coach)
  • Neal Jeffrey (former football quarterback)
  • Carey Casey (CEO of the National Center for Fathering)
  • Tom Osborne (former football player, coach, and politician from Nebraska)
  • Rosey Grier (actor, singer, former football player, and pastor)
  • Bill Kennedy
  • Christopher Williams
  • Tim Philibosian
  • Josh McDowell (author of Evidence That Demands a Verdict)
  • Dwight L. Johnson

Use this for simple enjoyment and gain some great ideas or as a resource for your home or study group. You will find the stories and information contained both fascinating and instructional.


There are two versions of this book. Either version is acceptable.

25 Men of Integrity (4th editon)

The Transparent Leader: Spiritual Secrets of Nineteen Successful Men 

Module 1 Second Collection
Session 1 The Wisdom of 25 Men of Integrity (formally known as The Transparent Leader)