Dr. John Muratori

John Muratori is an American author, advisor, speaker, pastor, and is a commissioned apostle. His book and multimedia curriculum, Money by Design, teaches about biblical economics and finance.  He is the Senior Pastor of Calvary Life Family Worship Center. He serves as Executive Director of Turning Point Christian Center, a faith-based substance abuse rehabilitation program. He also has a marketing and consulting firm, City Inc., which provides organizational management, strategic planning, social media marketing, and brand consulting. He has advised the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. He holds a Doctor of Christian Leadership from Christian Leadership University.

Course Description

Less than 30% of Americans go to church, but the majority of us have jobs. God calls us to do more than just looking for revivals in the Church. He wants us to pay attention to the one He has in store for the marketplace. In this session, Dr. John Muratori will open your eyes to the revival of the business world that God has and how to prepare for it. Jesus wasn’t just a minister; He was also a hard-working carpenter. When Christ came to earth He radically changed how we view church offices, by acting as both a priest and a king and incorporating them into the secular world He was surrounded in.

Module 1 Kings and Priests
Session 1 Kings and Priests  
Session 2 Kings and Priests Exam