Jimmy Oentoro

Jimmy B. Oentoro is an Indonesian pastor, entrepreneur, and real estate developer. He is pastor and founder of Live Full Lives, a ministry dedicated to equipping leaders in the world of work, family, and services through seminars, media, and resources. He oversees apostolically a network of thousands of churches. He longs to see everyone achieve the maximum for their life by “living full lives” with their Creator.

Course Description

One-third of our lives are spent in the marketplace. With a huge part of our time on Earth dedicated to business, God cares about your financial future. Jimmy Oentoro started a successful company despite large competitors. In this two-part series, he unfolds the pillars for building your business from a stewardship mentality. God wants your business to thrive since you are only a steward over what God has provided.

Module 1 Marketplace, Government, and Church
Session 1 Marketplace, Government, and Church (Part 1)  
Session 2 Marketplace, Government, and Church (Part 2)  
Session 3 Marketplace, Government, and Church Exam