Deepak Mahtani

Deepak Mahtani was a Pakistani businessman, management training consultant, preacher, and author, who currently lives in the United Kingdom. He was Managing Director for Winning Communications Partnership Ltd., a management consulting company whose clients include Fortune 500 companies. He currently serves on the Board of Tearfund, the Council of Spurgeon’s College, and is a trustee of numerous charities in both the United Kingdom and South Asia. He has served as the commercial director for a large multinational firm in Geneva, Switzerland. He was a widely acknowledged expert on cross-cultural business dealings in the Far East, South Asia, Africa, and Europe. He went to be with the Lord on April 12, 2020.

Course Description

In this session, Deepak Mahtani will show you what true stewardship means. Since everything belongs to God, you must learn to become a steward of the time, money, and resources He has given you. By recognizing His authority, having a relationship, and trusting Him, you can become the steward He desires. A true steward is generous, obedient, and thankful.

Module 1 Stewarding Business and Profit
Session 1 Stewarding Business and Profit  
Session 2 Stewarding Business and Profit Exam