Blair Pietrini

Blair Conley Pietrini is the Founder and Executive Director at Grateful Hearts, a community resource center in Los Alamitos, California. While working as a youth pastor and counselor, she worked with young people with major life challenges, and after working in an accounting department at Cottonwood Christian Center, she continuously received many calls from people seeking assistance. Compelled by people’s situations and with a desire to help them, she founded Grateful Hearts to help the community by hosting a canned food drive that grew to a storehouse with food, clothes, furniture, and hygiene products. Grateful Hearts provides a Food Distribution Program, which now serves up to 1,800 individuals per month; a Volunteer Program, providing court-approved community service hours to serve the community; a Global Assistance Program, supporting missions organizations by supplying medical supplies, tents, beds, emergency supplies, furniture, walkers, clothing for those in extreme poverty and disaster relief; and the Sky Program, an employment coaching approved work-site for students and adults with disabilities to learn life, work, and social skills. Her brother, Bayless Conley, is the founding pastor of Cottonwood Church, where her nephew Harrison is the lead pastor.

Course Description

Blair has served as a youth pastor and a counselor for young people with major life challenges. Her compassionate heart led to the development of a storehouse with food, clothing, and the necessities of life for those in need.

God has called us to help alleviate the suffering of humanity. We need to look for opportunities in our lives each day to help others. Our example will show God’s love and mercy to those who are unsaved. We can be the difference in someones‘ life today.

God is calling us to show His compassion to others. Sometimes, we get so caught up in our own lives that we fail to see the hurting people around us. However, God wants to use us to help change lives. You do not have to have much to help others. All you need is a willing heart.

Module 1 Mercy Ministries
Session 1 Being the Difference  
Session 2 Mercy Ministries Exam