Overcoming Sexual Abuse

Margaret Stunt

Margaret Stunt is an international speaker, teacher, and trainer. She travels the world speaking through her organization Unlocking Ministries, bringing about God’s power of healing, wholeness, and unlocking the full potential and purpose for women’s lives. Her testimony reflects this journey of overcoming hurdles and heartbreak, including childhood abuse and breast cancer. For seven years, she worked as a Pastoral Trainer at Hillsong College as a part of Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia. In 2009, she served as Executive Director of Mercy Ministries, now known as Mercy Multiplied, an international Christian charitable organization that offers a six-month residential program for young women between 13 and 32 who struggle with various “life-controlling” issues such as eating disorders, depression, self-harm, abuse issues, and drug and alcohol additions.

Course Description

As someone who overcame childhood abuse, Margaret Stunt knows the restoration that Jesus can bring.

Unfortunately, many individuals around the world have experienced sexual abuse. Many of these victims have a hard time forgiving their abusers and moving on in their lives. However, God has commanded us to forgive. He desires for us to live full lives that are free from shame and guilt. As we learn to forgive, God will be able to set us free from the lies of the enemy and restore our lives to the fullest.

Module 1 Overcoming Sexual Abuse
Session 1 Overcoming Sexual Abuse  
Session 2 Using the Gifts That God Gave Us  
Session 3 Overcoming Sexual Abuse Exam