Kerri Weems

Kerri Weems is a pastor, author, teacher, and conference speaker. Along with her husband, Stovall, they were the senior pastors of Celebration Church, in Jacksonville, Florida. Since it began with just seven people in 1998, Celebration Church has grown to 10 campuses in the USA, Europe, and Zimbabwe, with over 12,000 people in global weekend attendance. She also produces and hosts Celebration Church’s annual women’s conference, Shine. Every year, the conference reaches hundreds of women from the greater Jacksonville area, throughout the United States, and from around the world. Kerri has also fostered Celebration Sisterhood, which exists to empower women to be compassionate, courageous, and free. Sisterhood places value on womanhood at every stage of life. Through weekly Bible studies, monthly Sisterhood meetings, and teachings on her blog, Sisterhood reaches across the scope of Celebration’s multiple campuses. Her books include Rhythms of Grace, The Sisterhood Effect, and Clueless.

Course Description

In life, we are not always able to control our circumstances. However, we are able to control our reactions to these circumstances. We all have a desired outcome in life. However, in order to achieve God’s plan for our lives, we need to learn to live life intentionally. When you base your decisions on God’s Word, He will help you fulfill your destiny.

Module 1 Becoming Superwoman
Session 1 Living Life Intentionally  
Session 2 The Power of Salvation  
Session 3 Becoming Superwoman Exam